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MDA planeja expandir sua presença no mercado com operações no Brasil Link

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MDA is a leading provider of large, complex surveillance and intelligence solutions for government and commercial customers around the world who require high-quality information to support decision processes in mission-critical environments. The company is also the largest provider of advanced communication satellites used by billions of people around the world every day for mobile communications, broadband Internet, satellite radio, and direct-to-home television.
Since its inception in 1969, MDA has grown from two employees to more than 4,800 professionals at 11 locations across Canada and the United States. In 2014, it posted CDN$2.1 billion in revenue, and has been profitable for 29 consecutive years.


MDA has achieved a high level of market share across each of its international markets, based on its suite of core capabilities that include scientific and domain expertise, rigorous systems engineering and integration methods, and efficient project management and business practices.
MDA develops and delivers systems that support the information needs of large commercial and government enterprises, enabling the acquisition and operation of large, dedicated computer hardware and software systems. It also provides sustaining engineering services, which encompass a range of ongoing operational support, maintenance and upgrades over the life cycle of a system.
MDA’s expertise spans space, air, land, maritime, and subsea domains using advanced platforms, sensors, information fusion, and analytics. Its solutions occupy a unique position in the world of aerospace and defense, where quality, performance, availability, responsiveness, and value intersect. MDA has systems engineering and integration solutions for radar and operational small satellite missions, airborne surveillance and intelligence systems, ship and naval electronic systems, maritime and land C4ISR systems and information services, as well as aviation information systems.
Through Space Systems/Loral (SSL), a wholly owned U.S. subsidiary, MDA is a major provider of communications spacecraft, with over 250 spacecraft delivered and more than 75 geostationary satellites currently on orbit. SSL has delivered more transponders in commercial operation today than any other satellite manufacturer.


MDA projects and technology solutions are internationally recognized icons that define Canada’s aerospace and defense capability. A central characteristic of MDA’s success is its technology transparency in managing complex programs, from the supply chain to the full system integration, including system integration, software developments, and long-term support.MDA selects in a transparent way the technologies, hardware, and software components from qualified suppliers to deliver the optimal balance between overall performance, reliability, and price.
The global economy of today enables open trade but many countries require suppliers to establish a local presence in order to gain market access. For MDA to continue its growth trajectory, it must grow exports through marketing, acquisitions, or by establishing operations in countries that are capable of enabling and embracing new technology and business practices. MDA has identified Brazil as a key location to establish operations as it moves to become a multi-national corporation.

MDA has a history of working in Brazil, on a number of large-scale monitoring and situational awareness solutions for the Amazon region and the country’s offshore oil basins, and high-speed communications that serve government and commercial users.

As part of the SIVAM program, MDA was a subcontractor to deliver three multi-mode / multi-frequency airborne Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) systems with real time processing and onboard image display capabilities. MDA’s reputation for Earth observation satellite ground systems led to a contract to provide INPE with an integrated ground system to receive and process data from five commercial remote sensing satellites.
Offshore Oil Monitoring

For 16 consecutive years, MDA has provided oil companies with imagery products and analysis of their activities off Brazil’s coast. Every month, MDA delivers more than 7.5 million square kilometers of near-real time monitoring to support the detection of oil on water occurrences.
Satellite Communications

MDA delivered Brazil’s first domestic communication satellites, Brasilsat A1 and A2. Since then, MDA’s SSL subsidiary has built and delivered many communication satellites to Brazil for telephony, television broadcasting, and data transmission, and is currently under contract to build and deliver on-orbit Embratel Star One C4 and D1 satellites.

Canada and Brazil share some significant similarities in landmass, geography, natural resources, and population distribution patterns. Much of what MDA has learned and developed in Canada on projects for domestic applications pertain to Brazil, including wide-area land and maritime monitoring systems, environmental monitoring, and defense applications.
Based on its long-term history of success working in Brazil, the similarities of many critical information requirements for security, defense, and situational awareness, and the desire to expand the company’s role in global markets to that of a true multi-national corporation, MDA’s strategic objective is to establish a long-term, sustainable industrial presence in Brazil. The intention is to design, build, implement, and support solutions for Brazil’s space and defense markets that will in turn drive the growth and capabilities of the country’s domestic industry and enable it to capture more domestic and international business.
In its most important Brazilian initiative to date, MDA has recently partnered with Odebrecht Defesa e Tecnologia to submit a bid on the SisGAAz program, presenting a proposal that addresses the broad scope of effectively monitoring and controlling the Blue Amazon. Several foreign subcontractors are included in the bid, but MDA is the only foreign company included in the Main Contractor consortium. As part of this partnership, MDA is committed to the transfer of critical technologies to Brazil, as well as its proven systems engineering, integration, and project management skills.
The company is also interacting with government officials and exploring partnerships with various Brazilian companies for other key programs such as PNAE, PESE, SISFRON, PROTEGER, and the R-99 Modernization.
Partnership with Brazilian Industry

MDA is actively investigating partnership models and opportunities with Brazilian industry in order to enable the creation of strategic domestic space and defense capabilities. It respects and supports Brazil’s goal of achieving operational autonomy in the space and defense sectors with its domestic suppliers, without extra-national support or interference. For instances of domestic industry teaming with non-Brazilian companies, it is imperative the partnerships are honoured as equal partners in the venture.
To be successful, such partnerships require long-term commitments to ensure the creation of sustainable Brazilian enterprises that extend far beyond the duration of any single program. Success will be defined by investment, research and development, and commercial contracts in Brazil and abroad, with the ultimate objective of domestic autonomy in critical space and defense technologies.
MDA’s plans are not limited to the execution of large space and defense projects, there is also a drive to expand opportunities in products and services markets for satellite imagery and derived information.
MDA is committed to a permanent, successful presence in Brazil.


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