The Brazilian Federal Highway Police Optimizes Its Response with New Communication System by Motorola

Motorola Solutions (NYSE: MSI) was selected by the Federal Highway Police (Polícia Rodoviária Federal or PRF) to modernize its communications with a TETRA digital radio solution that will be used by more than 650 mobile units that travel throughout the national territory. This solution will be presented during the LAAD Defense and Security International Exhibition that will be held in Rio de Janeiro from April 14th through 17th.

According to Marcelo Kanashiro, a motorcycle police officer with the PRF, "motorcycles are, without a doubt, a great asset when you need to get around traffic and move more quickly in critical moments. This investment in technology will help us to provide an even more professional and efficient service."

The system connects radios and accessories using Bluetooth so that each officer may talk hands free while operating the motorcycle. The contract specifies mobile equipment for 650 motorcycles, including digital radios with TETRA technology, microphones, loudspeakers, antennas, Bluetooth devices and wireless push-to-talk devices. It also provides a guarantee, configuration and installation, training, and support for application development.

"As a result of the investments made in new technologies in Brazil, Motorola Solutions has developed the technical capacity to offer the Federal Highway Police an exclusive and innovative system. A highly qualified team of engineers collaborated with professionals and partners from different countries and spent months studying and developing the project to provide a personalized solution that adapted to the client's needs," stated Paulo Cunha, president of Motorola Solutions in Brazil.


  • The solution for 650 motorcycles includes MTM5400 digital radios that operate on open digital standard TETRA in the 380-430 MHZ band, microphones, power and communication cables, manuals, radio mounting kits, antennas, Bluetooth devices and Bluetooth intercom.

  • With the Repeater and Gateway function it is possible to improve and extend the radio communication coverage even when the infrastructure is not available.

    • The innovative integration mechanism for digital mobile radios in TETRA and the accessories enable 100 percent wireless communication, which guarantees greater security for the police, since they don't have to take their hands off the handlebars to communicate, and improves decision-making.

    • As a world leader in the provision of TETRA and P25 technological systems and with a presence and reach throughout Brazil, Motorola has invested in the development of a complex communication solution to meet the specific needs of the PRF, collaborating in order to ensure greater efficiency in official inspections by contributing to safety on the country's Federal Highways.


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