Advanced Defence Systems (ADS) collaborates with Nexter for the product of CAESAR 155mm 52 calibre wheeled light self-propelled artillery system

With the aim of enhancing the innovation of the artillery systems, Advanced Defence Systems (ADS) is delighted to offer CAESAR 155mm 52 Calibre wheeled light self-propelled artillery system on its stand at DSA & NATSEC Asia 2022 to pursue opportunities within the Malaysian Armed Forces for additional supports in operations.

ADS was recently awarded the contract to supply 18 units of the Nexter 105mm LG1 MKIII artillery systems to the Malaysian Army and intends to expand on such success through the development of turnkey surveillance programs for the Malaysian Armed Forces as a whole.

Through a collaboration with Nexter, ADS intends to provide the Malaysian Armed Forces with services and solutions with CAESAR, that is capable of supporting all types of motorized, mechanized or armored units including rapid deployment forces.

ADS is delighted to be able to showcase CAESAR 155mm 52 calibre wheeled light self-propelled artillery system at DSA & NATSEC Asia 2022 to highlight Nexter capabilities directly to the relevant agencies within the Ministry of Defence & Malaysian Armed Forces.

The CAESAR combines the high mobility of a truck with the power of a 155mm 52 calibre gun. It is the only long-range proven 52 calibre in the world with 70% of the ammunition fired in combat missions in Irak (above 18.000) in maximum charges, with very high accuracy and crew safety performances.

In addition, it demonstrates unrivalled mobility as this 18 ton system is air transportable in Lockheed C130 and can be adapted to any road, with limited impact on supply. The operational use of the CAESAR has validated the concept: a manual resupply facilitated by its ammunition lockers, a semi-automatic reloading system resistant to extreme weather conditions, and a crew of five people capable of remaining operational over time.

Highly modular, the CAESAR 6×6 can be reinforced with an over-armour kit to enhance its ballistic and anti-IED protection, which is fitted to the CAESAR MkII ordered by France this year. Moreover, in terms of mobility, the CAESAR can be integrated on any conventional carriers depending on user's needs. Thus, the CAESAR is capable of supporting all types of motorized, mechanized or armored units including rapid deployment forces, whatever the conflict level, theatre of operation or nature of the forces involved.

About Advance Defense System

ADSSB is a company specializing in providing defense and security solutions within the region.

ADSSB has established business cooperation with notable defense Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) worldwide and it is an entity providing the following business:

• Defense and Security Equipment

• Total Solution for weapon maintenance

• Project Management Services

• After Sales Support Services

• Project Consultancy Services to OEMs

• Leasing of Defense Capital Equipment

ADSSB has more than 10 years of experience to be a respected leading solutions provider in the defense and security areas and well recognized regionally and as a "Preferred Partner" to OEMs in establishing, developing and securing new business opportunities within the Region.

ADSSB is a member of Weaponry Working Group of Malaysian Industry Council for Defense, Enforcement & Security (MIDES). ADSSB is also now working with their business partner internationally in the defense and security industry.


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