Borduna Family, Brazilian solutions to river patrols

The Kuarup construction shipyard base is a 100% Brazilian company that added the vast experience in composites materials industry to the tradition of the  FISHING brand, with more than 2000 vessels produced to launch the  “BORDUNA” family, formed by 8 vessels from 21 to 38 feet derived from the dedicated line of civil products for open sea sport fishing, an operating environment in which the product robustness and reliability are a need and not only a concept.

The duality of civil/military applications ensures the continuity of programs, training and maintenance.

 The efficient engineering solutions are characteristic from the entire “BORDUNA” family, as well as the wide range of accessories and supporting equipment enabled to meet missions as: Patrol, “SAR”, Enforcement, Combat, Dive, Logistic Support, Interdiction and Special Operations, whether at sea or river environments.

The secure and comfortable navigation, at any weather condition, together with the operation simplicity, preserve the physical and mental conditions of the crew, thus allowing the focus on the mission and the increase of the force and deterrence capacities.

 The classroom training or digital platforms programs for development of human resources ensure the continuous operation and the maintenance of the correct doctrine for the application of the vessel.


·        Hydrodynamics that provides silent and comfortable navigation
·        Rapid acceleration and high final speed
·        Low radar signature
·        Frontal landing – beach stranding
·        Shallow draft (0.40 m)
·        Stern rescue (no external moving parts)
·        Unsinkable hull 
·        Up to 3 points for repair of Mtr. Mag 240
·        Air transportability in the C-130 or KC-390
·        100% Brazilian hull, engine and hydrojet
·        Diesel engine – high reliability and low maintenance and consumption


·        III or III-A level shielding
·        Optical sensors (day, night and thermal),
·        Echo sounder with 3D image
·        GPS with upgradable maps 
·        Waterjet propulsion
·        Engine: stern drive or outboard motor

 The Borduna family has several possibilities of application:

· Army: River patrols, SAR operations (Search and Rescue) and special operations.
· Federal and State Police: Borders surveillance to fight against drug trafficking and environmental crimes, as well as special operations.
· Fire fighters: Search and rescue.
· Marines: Amphibious assault, port interdiction, patrol and special operations.
· Navy: Naval inspection, coastal patrol and surveillance, MeC operations.
· Civil Defense and Government entities: Assistance to disasters and coastal communities, surveillance and support.


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