LAAD 2015: More than 30,000 Visitors, Exhibitors from 45 Countries, 158 Official Delegations

The 10th celebration of LAAD Defence & Security 2015 attracted approximately 30,000 person to the pavilions of Riocentro, in western Rio de Janeiro. During the four days of the most important fair for the Latin American defense and security sectors, there were seminars and workshops on topics such as military logistics, electronic warfare and the use of unmanned aircraft, better known as drones.

According to the preliminary numbers released by the event organizers, the fair hosted 600 exhibitors from 45 countries. The base for the Brazilian defense industry consisted of 189 businesses. There were 158 delegations from 71 countries at the fair. Minister of Defense Jaques Wagner, who held bilateral discussions with representatives from approximately ten countries, stated that the defense industry “means sovereignty and technological and industrial development.”

Defense market

World-wide, some US$1.5 trillion dollars moves the defense industry [each year]. Data from the Ministry of Development, Industry and Foreign Trade indicate that the domestic exports market has averaged US$3 billion per year. According to specialists, there is room for this amount to reach US$15 billion in the next few years.

The president of the Brazilian Defense and Security Industries Association (Abimde), Sami Hassuani, said that the sector needs highly-qualified professionals. Defense projects are intensive and result in cutting-edge technology and extremely specialized labor.

This market is responsible for 30,000 direct employment positions. Defense and Security are the most relevant industrial segments on the world market, and are also significant force behind technological advances. Particularly in Brazil, which represents 41.2% of military investments within Latin America, these sectors have seen growth in recent years.

The launch of the National Defense Strategy in 2008 underscored the need to modernize and refitting the Armed Forces of Brazil through strategic projects. This growth is also reflected in the country’s selection as the host for international sporting events.

Technology and services

Over the course of a week, visitors to Riocentro encountered the most modern technology and services available in more than 20 sectors of the defense and security industry, such as: weapons and munition, authentication, access control and surveillance; construction for defense and security; consulting, training and services; emergency preparedness, life-saving techniques and rescue; aeronautical and naval engineering; personal equipment; optics and optronics; criminological and forensic expertise; CBRN protection systems; information technology and cyber security; transmissions, communications, and GPS, and vehicles.

Schedule of seminars

LAAD Defence & Security 2015 also boasted a schedule of seminars that brought together national and international reference companies as well as the main institutions from the Defense and Security sector. The fair welcomed representatives from the Ministry of Defense, the Armed Forces, the National Development Bank (BNDES), the Bank of Brazil, the Rio 2016 Olympic and Paralympic Games Organizing Committee, the Coordination Commission for the Combat Aircraft Project (COPAC), the Joint Center for Brazilian Peacekeeping Operations (CCOPAB), the Research and Projects Financing Group (FINEP), and logistics, security, telephony and retail companies.

The Fourth LAAD Defense Seminar highlighted strategic projects operated by the Navy, the Army and the Air Force, electronic warfare, and the role of development institutions in the Brazilian defense industry, among other subjects. The Fourth LAAD Security Seminar included three major topics: Public Security, Corporate Security and Integration in Security. Both enjoyed the presence of authorities, specialists and professionals in security and defense.


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