Fibrotex Introduces the Sophia Kit – a Unique, Multi-Purpose Kit Enabling Any Camouflage Solution in the Field, According to the Mission

Fibrotex – a leader in the Camouflage, Concealment and Deception arena – introduces the Sophia Kit, a unique, multispectral, multi-purpose kit enabling, for the first time, the operational flexibility and freedom to select any camouflage solution in the field, according to the mission.

The compact, lightweight, 2D net is reversible and multispectral, giving forces powerful camouflage capabilities. For forces in the field, the situation on the ground can rapidly change, affecting survival. For the first time, with the Sophia Kit, soldiers have the operational flexibility to choose camouflage solutions according to the need at any given moment – whether for vehicles, equipment, or the soldiers themselves.

The total weight of the Sophia container is 15kg, with a total size (full) of 50cm x 50cm x 50cm, and total size (empty) of 5cm x 50cm x 50cm. The kit is flame-resistant and water repellant, with cartridge-change capabilities, and packaging with built-in shrinking capabilities.

According to Eyal Malleron, Regional Director and CEO of Fibrotex USA, “Conflicts today around the world are intensifying the need for diverse multispectral camouflage capabilities for forces in the field. The Sophia Kit increases the survivability of the forces and saves lives.”

Mr. Malleron continued, “Provided with more than 30 running meters of Fibrotex’s new 2D reversible ultralight net, operators can decide for the first time in the field what size and shape camouflage system they need – whether for a small to medium platform or vehicle, for backpacks and equipment covers, or for themselves. Sophia Kit enables life-saving camouflage, whatever and whenever needed.”


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