Rockwell Collins – Introduce TruNetTM solution at 2015 LAAD

São Paulo, Brazil (March 31, 2015) –Rockwell Collins, a leading provider of innovative and trusted avionics and communications solutions for Latin America, is showcasing a variety of products and capabilities during LAAD Defence & Security in Rio de Janeiro, April 14-17, 2015.

The highlight of this year’s exhibit is the international debut of Rockwell Collins’ TruNetTMnetworked communications solution.

TruNet network communications solution

Thanks to the multi-waveform capabilities, TruNet is the first system of its kind that enables Brazil’s civil and governmental users to use existing or develop their own proprietary waveform and crypto to meet their sovereign mission needs.

“Rockwell Collins, with its product depth and experience across ground and air domains, is uniquely qualified to provide an integrated ground-air network with the capabilities of TruNet,” said Alan Prowse, vice president and managing director, Americas for Rockwell Collins.  “All products that are part of the TruNet network run the exact same waveforms and capabilities, which provides the potential to support all of Brazil and other Latin American countries’ civil and military forces by enabling them to ‘plug and play’ and work seamlessly together.”

“Whether it is tactical, border patrol, urban or coastal security, disaster recovery or search and rescue, TruNet is the most capable and flexible system yet introduced to meet the varying communications needs of Brazil’s civil and military leaders,” Prowse said.

The three major components of TruNet are the Rockwell Collins Airborne Radio (AR) and Ground Radio (GR) Series, along with advanced handheld technology from the company’s alliance partner, Thales Defense & Security, Inc.
The TruNet solution delivers mission critical capability, relying on proven performance required by advanced warfighters. The system’s software defined radios (SDRs) provide multiple waveforms, both narrow and wideband, high speed, mobile ad hoc networked communications, point-to-point data, voice and next-generation SATCOM capabilities.

ARINC Advanced Information Management physical security system

Also being featured for the first time at LAAD is Rockwell Collins’ ARINC Advanced Information Management (AIM®) physical security system.
“We are extremely excited to introduce our ARINC AIM physical security system for the first time to Brazil and the Latin American market at LAAD,” Nelson Aquino, managing director, Brazil for Rockwell Collins said. “While ARINC AIM can be tailored to the needs of Brazil’s civil and governmental requirements, with its advanced security capabilities, the system is especially suited for securing the country’s infrastructure.”

“As Brazil’s power, transportation and communications infrastructure continue to grow, so will its need to provide uninterrupted security and surveillance. ARINC AIM provides command-and-control for secure facilities, such as military installations, power plants, seaports and airports,” he said. “ARINC AIM has already proven to provide real-time surveillance and situational awareness and security at critical infrastructure sites in the United States, and now we are very happy to introduce this important system to Brazil.”

Rockwell Collins and Brazil – celebrating 40 years of success

“We have proudly called Brazil our South American home for 40 years and we continue to expand our presence. Over those many years, we have been actively involved in a number of key civil and military projects, including most recently our Pro Line Fusion®avionics system for the new KC-390,” Aquino added. “We are not only contributing to the country’s technological growth, but also to the expansion of jobs, the community and the local economy. We look forward to accelerating our growth in the future.”

Additional Rockwell Collins technologies on display at LAAD 2015 include:

HF Cellular Communications

Secure, beyond-line-of-sight networking, ideally suited to assure connection in harsh environments such as the Amazon region.

SubNet Relay

Mobile ad hoc networked communications for maritime operations enabling the movement of high bandwidth data.

Pro Line Fusion® integrated avionics system

Pro Line Fusion leverages commercial technology for military aircraft for advanced capabilities at reduced lifecycle costs. The system is currently flying on the Embraer KC-390.

Athena® UAV control and navigation

Small form factor, redundant, reliable and affordable flight control and navigation solutions, proven with more than 1 million hours in combat theater.

Virtual Avionics Procedural Trainer

Cost effective pilot training concurrent with avionics updates, featuring the Embraer KC-390 Pro Line Fusion flight deck.

Patrol Persistent Surveillance System

Affordable, scalable perimeter security, enables instant knowledge about threats to facilities or encampments.

About Rockwell Collins do Brasil

Rockwell Collins do Brasil has existed for 40 years and recently the company heightened its focus on defense and security, achieving Empresa Difesa “ED” military contractor status.

Rockwell Collins has increased its employment in Brazil by 50 percent since 2011, to bring in-country program management, business development, system engineering and service resources to support Brazilian programs. Besides the Embraer KC-390 program, the first military platform to feature the company’s Pro Line Fusion integrated avionics system, Rockwell Collins do Brasil is also providing avionics and communications to Helibras for the Panther, Fennec, Cougar and EC-725 platforms. Part of this growth is being driven by production of Pro Line Fusion display control panels,as well as assembling, testing and repairing High Frequency (HF) radios, in Brazil.

About Rockwell Collins

Rockwell Collins is a pioneer in the development and deployment of innovative communication and aviation electronic solutions for both commercial and government applications. Our expertise in flight deck avionics, cabin electronics, mission communications, simulation and training, and information management is delivered by a global workforce, and a service and support network that crosses more than 150 countries. To find out more, please visit



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