IACIT – Brazilian Over-The-Horizon Radar Site Breaks Ground

LAAD 2015– IACIT's Over the Horizon (OTH) radar project broke ground this month at a coastal site in the South of Brazil.  Backed up by transfer of technological knowhow from IAI-ELTA, the project is being conducted with the support of the Brazilian Navy.
After receiving the necessary clearance from local authorities, IACIT began the installation and assembly of the first Brazilian OTH. The radar system is developed with the support of the Brazilian Federal Funding Authority for Studies and Projects (FINEP) and with the technological cooperation of IAI’s ELTA Group.
The innovative surface-wave radar design, operating in the High-Frequency (HF) band, is capable of Over the Horizon surveillance for hundreds of miles at sea. The radar employs phased array technology and unique interference cancellation techniques which provide reliable and persistent coverage of the broader maritime area at all times, regardless of atmospheric conditions or sea state.
This OTH radar application focuses on the Blue Amazon Managing System (SisGAAz) and differs from conventional line of sight radars in that it uses the electromagnetic wave propagation phenomena.
These advanced maritime surveillance features are combined with IACIT's oceanic environmental HF capacities. IACIT has been developing an HF Radar solution since 2010 for oceanic environmental weather and sea surface surveillance, as well as pollution control and to assist prediction of environmental hazards such as storms and tsunamis.
IAI has demonstrated a continuously growing involvement in the Brazilian defense market, as evidenced by the teaming agreement for investment and cooperation signed by ELTA in 2013 with electronic company IACIT. 
"We view this project as an important milestone towards persistent, affordable, reliable and efficient coverage of a broad Brazilian maritime area", said Mr. Nisim Hadas, IAI Executive VP & ELTA president.  "We are excited to share our experience with our local partners in favor of Brazil's unique defense needs.”
“The technological development process requires time and considerable financial resources, depending on the complexity of the project. The expected assimilation of technology, including by the National Defense Strategic (END), provides a significant leap for technologies already tested outside Brazil with validated solutions. In the case of a Strategic Defense Company (EED) such as IACIT, transfer of technology and know-how are mandatory to ensure continuous production in Brazil", said IACIT president Luiz Teixeira. “The OTH development has propelled IACIT’s capabilities years forward and will provide a strategic advantage for the Brazilian Navy as well as important lifesaving information for environmental control agencies".

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