Gaia to Present Two Families of Armored Vehicles, for Diverse Defense, HLS & Law Enforcement Applications

Gaia Automotive Industries – developer of state-of-the-art automotive defense products for complex applications – will present its ‘THUNDER’ and ‘AMIR’ armored vehicles at EUROSATORY 2018.

THUNDER is a multi-purpose 4×4 armored vehicle that can carry up to 12 people and a payload of up to 1.8 tons. It is built on commercial Chassis such as F-550 Ford and its crew compartment offers Level II/III, stanag 4569 protection.

Optional add-ons include: fire-fighting systems in the engine and crew compartment; a night vision system; NBC filtration system, Remote Control Weapon Station (RCWS), gunner turret etc. As a personnel carrier, the various applications for THUNDER vehicles include police; logistics; peacekeeping; ambulances and more. AMIR is a multi-purpose 4×4 or 6×6 mine-protected vehicle, that can carry up to 12 people and a payload of up to 3 tons.

It has independent suspension for tactical mobility. Optional add-ons include: manual one-man turret 12.7/20/25/40mmcaliber remote control weapon station; 81/120mm mortar carrier; missile launcher/ anti-tank missile launcher/anti-aircraft turret and more.

Applications for AMIR include: reconnaissance; rapid intervention; personnel carrier for peacekeeping, ambulances, logistics and more. The AMIR can be bullet protected up to Stanag 4569 level 4 and up to 10 Kg TNT mine. “Each of the THUNDER and AMIR vehicles offers a cost-effective solution with superior performance and protection relative to its price,” says Shlomi Shraga, Gaia Automotive’s CEO.

“But more than that, what distinguishes our solutions is our ability to work with the customer to produce a vehicle that is tailored to their requirements. We are currently engaged in a number of vehicle assembly knowledge-transfer projects to customers in their own countries. Together with the client, we are working to establish assembly plants, creating jobs for locals and work for local subcontractors, allowing the client independence in managing the project, and reducing project costs by up to 25%. We are actively pursuing further such knowledge-transfer opportunities.”

Gaia develops state-of-the-art automotive defense products for complicated applications, including Mine Resistant Ambush Protected (MRAP) projects, light armored vehicles, heavy duty tank trailers and aircraft re-fullers.

A slim and dynamic firm employing highly skilled engineers, certified mechanics and subcontractors, Gaia is headquartered and has its factory in Israel. All R&D is carried out in house, including small series production.

For mass production, most of the labor is outsourced to subcontractors around the globe, or to customers’ local facilities. Gaia is fully authorized by and an official supplier to the Israeli MOD, and holds all necessary MOD export licenses, allowing it to provide military products to customers around the world.


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