Nexter, a company of KNDS, presents its strategy in the field of robots.

Nexter, a company of KNDS, presents its strategy for robots. On the basis of the experience acquired by its subsidiary Nexter Robotics through civil and military applications in the design of robotic platforms and systems, and thanks to its expertise in both architecture and integration of weapons, including teleoperated , on a wide variety of vehicles, Nexter expands its activity in the field of operational applications of robotics.

Thus, Nexter presents OPTIO, its new range of versatile tactical robots designed to carry out various missions without exposing dismounted personnel: opening of routes, reconnaissance and observation, logistics or fire support. In parallel with OPTIO, the NERVA range of mini-robots continues to expand through the variety of its mission modules.

Nexter's efforts are focused on increasing the operational relevance of these robotic systems by pursuing three complementary areas of development: – Versatility and modularity to equip these robotic systems with adaptability that will make the Forces more responsive to evolving threats, – Integration of robots and drones into combat vehicles, towards the constitution of composite systems (Inhabited – Uninhabited), – Development of supervised autonomy to allow the operator to focus on the core of the tactical mission.

On the occasion of Eurosatory exhibition, Nexter exposes an armed variant of the OPTIO range. Combining Milrem's "THeMIS" remote control platform and a Nexter remote-controlled 20mm turret, OPTIO-X20 will help preserve the lives of soldiers in high-intensity combat or when used in a hostile environment and provide the combat group with means of observation and fire support operated remotely under the control of the human operator.

Thanks to Nexter's development of innovative intelligent features on the mobility side, OPTIO-X20 allows the operator to focus on its mission rather than navigation. Frédéric Bouty, Nexter's Strategy Director, underlined "Nexter Group's pride in increasing its robotics offering and extending its partnerships to a dynamic European player in this innovative sector for the benefit of the armed forces".


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