Arquus – The Hornet Remote-Controlled Weapons Stations Range

Arquus is already a protected vehicle and integrated support market leader, and a major player in the Scorpion programme, and is now developing a range of Remote Controlled Weapon Stations (RCWS).

Arquus delivers all the component parts: high-precision mechanics, secure electronics, optronics and image processing, dynamic control. The Hornet range RCWS are highly dependable and deliver optimum connectivity, with the tactical situation being displayed on screen.

This new business area for Arquus is the basis for the development of a French remote-controlled small weapons station industry, which is creating employment via a large number of sub-contracting French SME. The Scorpion self-defence systems are therefore 100% designed and manufactured in France.

Platform Robotization

Leader in protected mobility and integrated support, major actor of the Scorpion program, Arquus has developed, on own equity, a concept adapted to defense convoy needs.

Automated “platooning” enables several vehicles to follow each other automatically and at a given distance, with no need for any infrastructure or GPS. This solution is extremely interesting for forming convoys, especially logistics convoys, by reducing the number of operators necessary for the mission, reducing the risk of human error correlating to the number of vehicles involved. It also limits the exposure of operators to attacks targeting convoys or improvised explosive devices.

Innovation at the service of support solutions

Maintaining vehicles in operational condition is a constant concern for Defense and Security force operators. Operational availability of vehicles is essential for the successful completion of every mission. Arquus puts its research and development capacities at the service of MCO.

The company is innovating especially through advances in eSupport, which provides solutions based on feedback analysis, the development of HUMS (Health and Usage Monitoring System) and decision-making tools. Arquus is also developing remote assistance solutions based on the use of smart glasses.

By developing predictive maintenance solutions, as well as additive manufacturing– especially 3D printing of spare parts directly in the field– Arquus offers solutions that facilitate operational logistics and optimize the supply chain. For Arquus, innovation is a source of support for field operators.


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