July 30, 2015 - 10:55 ( Brasília )


The Australian Growler: Ready to Fly, Ready to Jam

Royal Australian Air Force gaining airborne electronic attack capability with first EA-18G Growler

Boeing is unveiling an Australian version of the aircraft that offers a veil of protection to fighter fleets. The Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) is receiving its first EA-18G Growler. Australia joins the United States as the only two nations to fly the airborne electronic attack platform.

The Growler’s radar-jamming devices deceive and frustrate enemy forces and allow strike jets to carry out their missions undetected. “The Growlers really compliment our air combat capability our legacy fighters, our Super Hornets and the Joint Strike Fighter (JSF); they’ll be a lot more lethal when you have a Growler up there to support,” said Wing Cmdr. Cameron Cornell, deputy project manager, Australian Growler program. Members of the Royal Australian Air Force will train with the U.S. Navy to learn the intricacies of controlling the electromagnetic spectrum.

The Royal Australian Growler recently demonstrated its agile flight capabilities during its first flight in St. Louis, Mo., where the Growler and Super Hornet assembly lines are located. Check out the video to see the Australian Growler’s air prowess in action and learn more about Australia’s desire to master the art of electronic deception.