IAI – Cyber Solutions

LAAD 2015 – Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) concludes year 2014 with cyber-solutions contracts totaling dozens of millions of dollars. Two significant contracts were signed with strategic, defense, foreign customers.
IAI has defined cyber as a strategic domain and one of the company’s core areas of activity.

IAI develops advanced cyber solutions for intelligence, protection, monitoring identification and accessibility. These sophisticated capabilities are made possible by unique technologies developed by IAI’s research, development and excellence centers. The company is offering to its customers numerous channels and dimensions for handling the various, constantly evolving cyber threats.
“The Cyber arena requires reliable, strong and experienced solutions’ provider in order to allow appropriate, constant managing. We’ve harnessed the best minds and technologies to create a new approach, enabling our customers for optimal management of today’s and tomorrow’s cyber challenges,” said Esti Peshin, director of cyber programs at IAI.


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