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IAI-AVIONICS – Nacionalizam o HERON UAV agora CAÇADOR link

LAAD 2915 – Avionics, a leading player in the Brazilian Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) arena is progressing towards production of a unique, Brazilian-made Medium Altitude Long-Endurance (MALE) UAV – the “Caçador”.
The CaçadorUAV is designed to meet the specific, unique and advanced requirements of Brazil with its special strategic interests. The manufacturing process will take place in Brazil by the local industry. Avionics Services has started the process of production, maintenance and operation for the manufacturing of the Caçador.The operational site is located in the Botucatu, Sao Paulo air-field.
Transfer of technology is made by IAI to Avionics to ensure a successful, professional and highly advanced process.
The Caçadormulti-missionsystem is based on IAI’s renowned Heron UAV, which has proven its operational capabilities worldwide. Heron is used operationally by the Brazilian Federal Police since 2010. The Federal Police have accumulated a substantial amount of operational experience with the Heron UAS which allows it to operate the system in a variety of complex scenarios.   
 Caçadorwill beequipped with an automatic takeoff and landing system (ATOL) and will be adapted for a broad range of tasks, utilizing diverse mission payloads. Caçadorwill carry multiple payloads for line-of-sight missions or beyond line of sight using satellite communications. Its sensors will feed ISR data to the ground segment and to tactical-level end users in real-time. The system includes an advanced ground segment offering the ultimate level of Man Machine Interface (MMI) through advanced, ergonomic and modular design.

European Advanced Technology (EAT), an Israel Aerospace Industries' (IAI) subsidiary, has acquired minority holding in the Brazilian Company Avionics Services in 2014. This, as  part of IAI's strategic expansion into the Brazilian defense market.

A cooperation agreement was also signed between IAI and Avionics Services to conduct the companies' joint activities in the Brazilian Defense market. This includes the marketing and manufacture of aircraft systems, Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS), sensors and upgrades of aerial platforms. The cooperation agreement's main target markets are defense and public security projects primarily for the Brazilian market, which may potentially be extended to international markets in the future.

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