02 de Março, 2022 - 12:40 ( Brasília )

Exclusivo - Agression of Russia and Belarus in Ukraine

Dcumento oficial exclusivo enviado pelo Ministério da Defesa da Ucrânia

Documento fornecido pelo Ministério da Defesa da Ucrânia
(02 Março 2022)

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Aggression of Russia and Belarus in Ukraine

Official Statements of Russian Leadership

Putin: “Russia is a peaceful country”.

Lavrov: “There is no any Russian troops in Ukraine”.

Konashenkov (Porta Voz do Ministério Defesa da Rússia): “Russian Army have an easy ride into Ukraine with minimum loses”.

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The Battle for BUCHA”. Engagement of Russian Military with Ukrainian Armed Forces

27.02.2022 Elite Russian Forces – Airborne Troops and Kadyrov’s Personal Army – were destroyed in Bucha town (60 000 population), 15 km from Kyiv, Capital of Ukraine.

Russian Invasion Into Ukraine Means

•   Killing Civilians, evenwomen, children
•   Shelling Peaceful Cities, Hospitals, Kindergartens, Chirches  
•  Destroying critical infrastructure (Bridges, Highways, Electric Power Plants etc.)
•   Eliminating historical objects (Museum of Marija Prijmachenko etc.)
•  Shelling and capturing the nuclear objects in Ukraine (Chornobyl, Radon Company in Kyiv)
•   Social, Economic, Cultural, Ecological disaster


Russian Army’s Losses as of 1 March 2022 6 p.m



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