Magna Presents Smart Surveillance Solutions

Magna BSP Ltd. – a leader in turnkey solutions for perimeter protection of borders and sensitive sites – presents its smart surveillance solutions with unique image processing and Machine Learning , deep learning and other AI capabilities for border and strategic facility protection.

According to Levi Zruya, Magna's CTO, “Traditional perimeter protection solutions, such as physical fencing, are often limited in their capacity to provide real-time detection and tracking of intruders, not to mention their lack of early detection.

Our surveillance systems deliver a high level of protection and provide an answer to false alarms, utilizing special machine learning and image processing algorithms that filter out non-relevant alerts and enable sophisticated and quick intelligence gathering.”

Magna’s surveillance systems utilize sophisticated electro-optic cameras to rapidly detect, locate, and send alerts regarding infiltrators and breaches. The systems can be located far from the border or facility, camouflaged and protected, distinguishing between true threats and potential false alarms caused by animals, weather, or other environmental factors.

The systems learn changes in the environment and correct their performance accordingly. The stereoscopic systems are similar to human vision which provides depth perception, notifying about the size and distance of an object.

They enable 3D image processing in less than a second, delivering 100% reliable target detection, recognition, identification and tracking. Mr. Levi continued, “The systems have been sold to customers around the world and are being used to their full satisfaction.”


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