Gripen fighter jet crashes in Hungary, pilot ejects

A Hungarian JAS-39 Gripen fighter jet crash-landed in eastern Hungary on Wednesday due to a technical fault, the Defence Ministry said on Wednesday.

National news agency MTI reported that the pilot tried to land the fighter jet but it became unmanageable and the pilot ejected. He was injured but is in a stable condition.

MTI cited Zoltan Orosz, deputy chief of general staff, as saying that Hungary would check all of its Gripens after the incident, which followed the crash of another Hungarian Gripen in the Czech Republic last month.

He said Wednesday's crash landing was due to a technical problem, adding that there was no link to the Czech incident.

He said an initial examination indicated the jet could be repaired after the crash landing.

Sebastian Carlsson, press chief for Saab, which makes the Gripen, said there were "very rigorous security systems surrounding everything that has to do with flying and when an incident occurs these regulations are implemented".

"That means that we as a company never speculate on what has happened when there is an incident," he said.


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