Boeing Optimizes Maintenance Record Keeping for Airlines

Boeing introduced today a digital records management capability to its Maintenance Performance Toolbox suite of products that will optimize maintenance operations and reduce costs for airlines.

The Maintenance Performance Toolbox Records module provides an industry standard platform to manage scanned and digitally produced maintenance and flight records.

The new tool eliminates the operational challenge of managing cumbersome, paper-based maintenance records, working in tandem with other Maintenance Performance Toolbox application solutions to increase efficiencies related to both day-to-day airline maintenance operations and the management of leased airplanes.

"Automation of the maintenance record keeping process is a new and essential component of our Maintenance Performance Toolbox and we are pleased to provide airlines with the foundation for establishing more efficient maintenance operations," said Per Norén, vice president, Digital Solutions, Boeing Digital Aviation – a business unit of Commercial Aviation Services. "Our new records solution lowers costs related to daily records and the end of lease management, as well as eliminating redundant processes and reducing delays in aircraft maintenance processes. This new system truly allows airlines to unlock the potential of fleet-wide digital records management." 

The Records module creates intelligent digital maintenance documents, featuring dynamic records search capabilities. The record-keeping tool improves airline maintenance workflow capabilities and ties into maintenance planning solutions, establishing systems that work in concert to further enhance the automation of processes and overall efficiency. 

Simple access to the Records module provided through the Boeing Maintenance Performance Toolbox application offers an operational advantage for airlines seeking integrated solutions for all their technical documentation management needs. This includes more than 160 customers that currently use the Maintenance Performance Toolbox suite. Boeing also offers access to records management capabilities for non-Toolbox customers through subsidiary AerData's STREAM digital aircraft records application.


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