Airbus Helicopters’ signs important contracts and reaffirms commitment to customers at Helitech

Airbus Helicopters’ reaffirmed its commitment to customer satisfaction, quality, safety and competitiveness at this year’s Helitech International air show in London, securing important contracts and underscoring the company’s strong positioning in a challenging market atmosphere.  

The twin-engine H135 was a star player at this year’s show: 
·         Waypoint Leasing signed for 20 H135s, which the company will primarily lease to operators performing EMS missions worldwide. With their dedicated flexible configuration and multi-role capabilities, the H135s will also be able to address other public services markets such as law enforcement and rescue, as well as offshore operations.
·         Norwegian Air Ambulance is the launch customer of the newly enhanced H135 with an order for three aircraft. Airbus Helicopters began improving the versatile H135 with new higher-performing engines, and announced at the show the latest developments: a modern 4-axis autopilot, a redesigned aft cabin, and the addition of the Airbus Helicopters-designed Helionix® avionics suite, the safest and most efficient solution in operation.
·         UK operator PDG signed for an H135 to support its contract with the General Lighthouse Authorities as well as the first Parts-By-the-Hour support agreement to be signed in the UK since the launch of HCare earlier this year.
The H145 also had a strong show, with the announcement of four orders of the all-new H145 Mercedes-Benz Style, which includes a redesigned cabin interior with in-flight connectivity and increased comfort. First deliveries are to take place in Q4 of this year.
Yorkshire Air Ambulances (YAA) signed an agreement for a new H145 that will enable them to provide critical care and transport for patients from remote or inaccessible places, thanks to its inclusion of a rescue hoist, full night flying capabilities and a 4-axis autopilot.
The H160 full-scale mockup made its British debut at the show, and Airbus Helicopters announced that the flight test program is in full swing. This new-generation aircraft has reached 175 kts and altitude of 10 000 feet, and the first flight of the second prototype is planned before the end of the year.
Finally, Airbus Helicopters’ redefined customer service offer, HCare, has released new, digital solutions to better support customers. New HCare Fleet and HCare Flight offer tablet-based mission preparation tools, fleet management software and a complete Maintenance Information System to ease maintenance operations and provide an easier and safer way to manage flight preparation. The company also announced a partnership with Accenture to support the development of data-based predictive approaches.


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