Aeronautics Announces Successful Demo of its Orbiter, for Finnish Border Guard

Aeronautics Group – a leading provider of integrated turnkey solutions based on unmanned system platforms, payloads and communications for defense and HLS applications – has concluded a successful evaluation week of the Orbiter system, operating from the Finnish Border Guard's Turva offshore patrol vessel, demonstrating high capabilities in a marine environment.

Over the course of the week, the Orbiter system was tasked with various maritime mission scenarios, including search & rescue, identification, surveillance & reconnaissance of suspicious vessels and figures, while transmitting a real-time video stream to the vessel's command & control center.

This evaluation was carried out as part of the Border Guard's Valvonta 2 (Surveillance 2) project, which is designed to examine future integration of UAVs on board its vessels.

"There is a growing need today for tactical drones capable of carrying out ISTAR missions in challenging marine environments,” says Matan Perry, Aeronautics’ Vice President of Marketing & Sales. “As pioneers in the field of small tactical UAS, we are proud to be able to successfully demonstrate a solution that has been adapted to meet the needs of the Finnish Border Guard.

Aeronautics Group offers techno-operational superiority through its integrated turnkey solutions, which are based on unmanned solutions, payloads and communications for defense, and HLS applications.

As a leading-edge provider in the field of unmanned aerial systems, Aeronautics identifies its customers’ operational needs and responds with innovative technological solutions. The Group’s broad product portfolio offers combat-proven solutions for Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) missions, with demonstrated excellent performance and operability.

Backed by continuous research and development, these systems are built on three decades of technological and operational experience. As part of Rafael Advanced Defense Systems, Aeronautics utilizes the technological synergy between the two companies – Rafael’s advanced air, land and naval defense capabilities and Aeronautics’ proven ISTAR technologies – to strengthen its own status as a leading UAS solutions provider.


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