Saab Receives Order for RBS 70 From the Brazilian Army

Defence and security company Saab has signed a contract on deliveries of the RBS 70 VSHORAD (very short range air defence system) to the Brazilian Army. The order has a total value of approx. MSEK 105 and deliveries will take place during 2017 and 2018.

The RBS 70 system is today in service in the Brazilian Army and was part of the protection of the 2016 summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The contract signed between Saab and the Brazilian Army includes RBS 70 man-portable launchers, night vision equipment, training simulators, multispectral camouflage for RBS 70 and associated equipment for operators and maintainers.

“With this order the Brazilian Army continue to improve their air defence capability. The system played a very important role in the protection of the 2016 Olympic Games where it not only protected the games, but also strategic infrastructure. We know that the capabilities and reliability of the system are highly appreciated by the customer”, says Stefan Öberg, head of business unit Missile Systems within Saab business area Dynamics.

The Saab portfolio of short-range ground based air defence missile systems comprise of the RBS 70 and the further enhanced RBS 70 NG. The RBS 70 system has an impressive track-record on the market. 19 countries have procured more than 1,600 RBS 70 systems, including more than 18,000 missiles.

RBS 70

Based on the proven RBS 70 Very Short Range Air Defence Missile (VSHORAD) System, the RBS 70 NG – New Generation – utilises state of the art components and technology to provide a highly integrated and modular air defence system. The core of RBS 70 NG is the new generation sight module with:

• Integrated high resolution thermal imager.
• Advanced cueing aids to improve reaction times and target acquisition.
• Auto-tracker, aiding the gunner during the engagement and increasing the hit probability throughout the missile range.
• Improved guidance, further increasing system performance both for manual and auto-tracker engagements.
• Built-in video recording for after-action review.

The RBS 70 NG is specifically designed to allow for highly flexible deployment options, where the same individual sight may be alternately applied as a man-portable air defence system (MANPADS) and/or as a vehicle integrated air defence system.

The system may also be deployed in a fully remote control configuration for long term stationary air defence missions. The RBS 70 NG sight enhances the capability of the BOLIDE missile by reducing the tracking noise through the implementation of an auto-tracker function.

Less noise will result in even higher manoeuvrability and higher p-kill than in the present RBS 70 system against small targets at maximum range. The new ILS system with Built In Test Equipment (BITE) for subunits in the NG sight and the new software based maintenance program makes NG sight maintenance very easy and cost effective.

The RBS 70 NG Maintenance Support Computer (MSC) is a rugged portable PC with dedicated software, and an interface unit. The MSC supports the maintenance technician with maintenance tasks, such as Inspections (Monthly, Yearly), Corrective Maintenance and administrative tasks. Furthermore the use of the MSC enhances the availability of the RBS 70 NG system.


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