IACIT Presents an Eletronic Countermeasure Sysytem for Public Security

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IACIT Apresenta Sistema de Jammer Eletrônico para Segurança Pública Link

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Jamming or even blocking different radio-frequency (RF) signals can be an important defense and security strategy. With that in mind, IACIT—an established Brazilian company specialized in developing high-tech products and services for security, defense, air navigation, integrated networks and methodology—has created the sophisticated SCE0100 line of electronic countermeasure systems. The SCE0100 will be one of the company’s highlights at the 2016 FIDAE (International Air & Space Fair) held in Santiago, Chile, from March 29 to April 3. IACIT will be at the Brazil Pavilion (F) maintained by the Brazilian Defense and Security Industry Association (ABIMDE) with the support of the Brazilian Trade and Investment Agency (APEX-Brasil).

Also called Jammer, SCE0100 features specific configurations for blocking or jamming signals from drones, cell phones, radio, radio-controlled explosion devices (RCIED) and other systems employing RF signals for communications. Moreover, SCE0100 comes in a sturdy and portable case, and it can be used anywhere for blocking various RF signals.

According to the president of IACIT, Luiz Teixeira, the system’s configuration is linked to the operation potency and frequency range that is adequate to the mission to be undertaken. He explains that it doesn’t matter which blockage model is selected (for drones, cell phones or RCIED), since IACIT’s Jammer includes independent channels that can be used simultaneously without the need of switching between them. Each channel has the ability to quickly scan across the frequency band in order to ensure maximum potency in each frequency utilized.

Providing a dual application, IACIT’s Jammer SCE0100 is useful in various situations as protection to government and military establishments, petroleum and natural gas refineries, prisons and detention centers, major events, convoys and border patrol, among others. Given the increased use of drones in various situations, the solutions provided by IACIT meet the demands of a market that is vulnerable to actions of criminals, spies and even terrorists. “The SCE0100 can be used in the military field as well as in civilian applications. Our potential clients are in the Armed Forces, public security, police and military, and also in the private sector though security firms, private companies and banks,” says Teixeira.

The development of the new system involved a team of 30 professionals in the last 12 months. Jammer is a 100% Brazilian equipment that should cater not only to the domestic market but also should be an important ally for other countries to fight crime. The modern and sophisticated system allows for independent or integrated solutions with the employment of cameras, acoustic sensors and radars for fighting drone attacks, for example.

With this new jammer line, IACIT aims to increase its participation in public and military security by providing integrated technological solutions. The new SCE0100 family is an addition to the company’s existing integrated solutions such as electro-optical systems, electronic asset protection, SW solutions associated with artificial neural networks and LPR, image and C2I (Command, Control & Intelligence) processing, and the RCS-0400 solutions for telemetrics and telecommand.

Having been in the market for almost three decades, IACIT is certified by the Brazilian Ministry of Defense as a Strategic Defense Company (EED). It is an important institution to the technological autonomy of Brazil country. “We are constantly researching and developing products and services that benefit Brazil. Our goal is to be a partner company in the quest for helping to establish Brazil as a sovereign nation,” concludes Teixeira.


The Jammer SCE  0100 line offers the following settings:

A. DroneBlocker – Application against drones/SARP.

DroneBlocker blocks and jams in the frequency ranges usually chosen by drones/SARP. It features two modes of operation: standalone and integrated.

In the standalone setting, Jammer works independently, which means it is not activated by any auxiliary sensor for detection. Jammer can work continuously or be otherwise activated when its operator detects a threat.

In the integrated setting, Jammer functions in automatic mode, that is, in this configuration there is an array of available sensors such as acoustic tools, cameras and radars, which are able to detect threats (drones) and trigger the blocker.

B. ComBlocker – Application that blocks and jams cell phone communications.

C. RCIEDBlocker – Application against RCIED. It is used to block and/or jam any type of communication along the RF frequency range that is utilized for triggering remotely controlled explosion devices. 

The Jammer SCE 0100 family also includes a package of software tools for system management and configuration, an automatic routine test, a simulation feature, and analysis of the covered area and operation environment, which makes it easier to set up and use.


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