DSEI – UVision Will Exhibit its Loitering Munition Solutions Integrated on a Naval Platform Launcher

UVision – a pioneer in the technological development of cost-effective, lethal aerial loitering systems – will demonstrate the exceptional integration capabilities of its loitering munition systems for air, land, and sea platforms, at the upcoming DSEI exhibition.

For the first time, UVision will display the maritime capabilities of its HERO Lethal Loitering system on an NPL. In addition to the NPL on display, the company will also exhibit the entire HERO family of 6 systems, as well as a Vehicle Platform Launcher demonstrating the HERO-30's integration capabilities with land platforms.

According to Yair Dubester, President & CEO, "We have invested significant resources in the development of solutions for the integration of our loitering systems with manned and unmanned platforms. This capability can have a crucial impact on the operational independence of soldiers on the battlefield, and their ability to respond quickly, effectively, and in real time against the threats surrounding them – and may actually save their lives".

The HERO family includes six systems (HERO 30, 70, 120, 250, 400 & 900), designed for assorted tasks at various ranges. HERO systems enable high-speed transit flight and low-speed loitering, depending on the tactical or strategic needs of the mission – handling moving targets, moving light-duty vehicles, tanks, and other strategic objectives.

The HERO systems may be provided in the ISR configuration, enabling the use of the platform as a means for gathering intelligence, or as a missile enabling precision attacks on targets, using warheads of various types and weights.

The HERO family can carry out pinpoint strikes in urban areas or remote locations, with minimal collateral damage. In cases where an attack is aborted, HERO systems can be recalled and another target selected. With extremely low noise and thermal signature, these systems integrate highly advanced stabilized Electro-Optics day/night cameras and are ideal for deployment from air, land, and sea.

According to Mr. Dubester, "Our systems have already gained a number of first-tier customers, with additional customers currently evaluating them. We are very pleased with the market's response to our offerings and believe this recognition will continue to grow, in response to the increasing demand for such solutions."


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