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The second U.S.-Brazil Defense Industry Dialogue (DID) meeting will focus on advancing the themes of Commercial Partnership and Industrial and Regulatory Policy. As we build upon the success of previous DID engagements, which focused on Export Control & Compliance and Mutual Recognition themes, we will use the second DID to explore possible avenues for future commercial partnership, learn from existing and strong business to business partnerships, and define the building blocks towards a binational program.

The government to business dialogue will continue with the strategic, long-term vision of developing a binational program that elevates both private sectors in meeting an operational need. This edition of the DID will consist of crisp, interactive dialogues, compelling all parties to play an active role in contributing to the discussion.


The meeting includes invitations to key U.S. and Brazilian government and industry decision makers, including officials from the following U.S. and Brazilian government entities:

  • Department of Defense

  • Department of Commerce

  • Department of State 


  • Ministry of Defense 

  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs 

  • Ministry of Industry, Foreign Trade and Services

  • Ministry of Science, Technology, Innovation & Communication


October 10, 2017

11:30 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.

Washington Plaza Hotel

10 Thomas Circle NW

Washington, DC 20005






Networking Lunch: Strategic Vision for Bilateral Defense Relationship

Government leaders share perspectives on opportunities in 2-5 years & long-term, setting theme for the subsequent sessions.

Session I- Present Success: Bi-national Partnership Case Studies

Representatives from industry showcase bi-national partnership case studies, showcasing best practices and future opportunities.



Session II- Near-term Potential: Innovation, Competitiveness and Partnerships

As follow-on to the DIUx mission, there will be a discussion about existing innovation mechanisms and models and how to cooperate bilaterally through them; opportunities in space; G2G agreements in the pipeline and their expected commercial partnership opportunities; what barriers remain to potential co-production/development and how to address them.



Session III- Long-term Vision: Advancing the Dialogue on Bi-national Cooperation 

Discuss characteristics of binational cooperation program, identifying potential opportunities, and discuss the building blocks needed to achieve desired programs, possible timelines, military-to-military agreements needed and measurable milestones.



Participation is limited to no more than two representatives per company (sponsors allowed up to four representatives). 

Please contact Macon Field with any questions.








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