Embraer group company planning to enter the Arab market

Atech, an Embraer group company that’s been developing systems for, among other things, improving Brazilian air traffic and airspace defense, is focusing on the Arab countries. The company’s goal is to share its software, know-how and knowledge with these countries, which are large investors and defense and security equipment.

The first steps in this direction were taken, literally, in February of this year, when Atech was an exhibitor at Idex, an important defense sector show held in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. It was the first time that Alfredo Roberto Júnio and Vinícius Meng, both from the business development area of the company, travelled to the Gulf region. No deals were closed, but the executives did not have any regrets regarding the trip.

“We exhanged some cards, received some email, but that was it. We know that it’s a matter of time and persistence,” said Meng to ANBA. According to the executive, the idea is to keep attending the fairs and buying and studying reports from the defense agencies of these countries. “We must find a communication channel.”

Atech is the company responsible for the entire control and management of the Brazilian air traffic and airspace defense. It has a strong partnership with the Brazilian Air Force (FAB), a great contributor to the firm’s growth – one of the requirements of the Brazilian defense agency when signing contracts is the exchange of knowledge in the area.

Its software are running at the Integrated Air Traffic Control and Air Defense Center (CINDACTA), responsible for organizing the Brazilian air space. It contributes both in commercial airports and in the airspace defense. It has also programs in aircraft, submarines and other equipments used by Brazil’s armed forces.

Although it has supplied systems to other countries in the past, such as Aruba, Venezuela and, more recently, India, the plan to go international picked up near three years ago, when Atech decided to act more firmly abroad. To look at the Middle East was a natural move.

“These are countries that invest a lot in defense and security and have the capacity to acquire a system such as the ones from Atech,” said Meng. “Our systems are an excellent solution for the region. And we want not only to sell the program, but to strengthen the ties, a relation based on the exchange of information, to leave a legacy,” he explained.

To the Arabs, Atech wants to offer its new line of products, Arkhe. Launched in a fair in Rio de Janeiro in April, the new package has a set of products and services to the defense and security markets, ranging from traffic management and simulators to the so-called Arkhe Academy, considered the icing on the cake by the executives: “With it we can capacitate people and generate local knowledge to support the systems,” said Meng.

And being part of the Embraer group helps, since it can use the structure of the aircraft manufacturer in Dubai, UAE, as a commercial and support base for the future clients.

While they don’t have them, Atech continues to take steps to reach the region. Participations in fairs in Paris and London – where, according to Meng, the Arabs also take part – are confirmed, as well as going to the next Idex. “Too bad it’s only two years from now,” says the executive.

Atech was founded by engineers and other experts of the technology and aeronautic areas. Embraer bought a 50% stake in it in 2011. Later, in 2013, the aircraft company acquired the entirety of the company’s stocks.


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