Itororó Task Force supports joint exercise

Boarding airmobile troops provides pictures that show strength and attack power. However, for everything to work well both technically and tactically, it is necessary that some actors (not seen in photos and filming) work. When they appear in the photos, although fundamental in any operation, they are not the main actors. To understand a military activity, it is necessary to look at both the event and its context. For this reason, the Brazilian Army forms a task force to carry out its operations: this is the case of the Itororó Task Force, deployed in CORE 21.

On Tuesday, 07 December, more than three hundred soldiers were transported by 22 aircraft (Fennec, Pantera, Cougar and Jaguar) as part of the combined exercise between Brazil and the United States (CORE 21). The war simulation exercise took place as planned by the Exercise Directorate (DIREX).


DIREX receives orders from the upper command and informs the task force of the military objectives to be achieved in a given operation. It then indicates the actors who are involved and controls, through remote monitoring, the troops. To do this, they use their command and control system, which is capable of safely altering the entire plan for a day of activity based on meteorological information, for example.

This is what happened when part of the Itororó Task Force embarked on Tuesday. It underwent an almost eight-hour alteration. What was to begin 4 PM began shortly after 8 AM. This approach by the exercise command, supported by information from DIREX, ensured total mission success. It thus allowed demonstration of the capability of operating the 12th Airmobile Light Infantry Brigade (12th Bda Inf L Amv), part of the Readiness Force, as established by the Land Operations Command.


For the Commander of the 12th Light Infantry Brigade (Airmobile), Major General Rodrigo Ferraz Silva, an exercise such as CORE 21 is essential to train the units involved and to boost troop morale. “The military employing high-tech equipment helps everyone involved. In this exercise, we are employing laser guided shooting as well as helmets and vests with laser fire sensors that send information to DIREX the moment the soldier is fired upon in simulation. This helps command to make the right decisions and, of course, has an impact on boosting troop morale”, comments General Ferraz.

It is worth noting that the Itororó Task Force directly and indirectly employs nearly a thousand men, with the goal of achieving success in all phases of training. On Wednesday, a bridgehead (strategic place on the ground) was taken using live fire. So far, the exercise has been a complete success.


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