Brazilian and US Soldiers Simulate Combat in an Urban Location.

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A troop formed by 150 soldiers, composed by three Brazilian companies and one North American company, performed a combat simulation in an urban location, at Military Academy of Agulhas Negras, in Resende (RJ), on December 12th.  

The training in the Location Combat Track (PCL*), during the Southern Vanguard 22, assembles soldiers from Brazil and the United States of America in integrated activities in Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo countryside  cities for ten days. The operation is about to finish on December 16th. By using armored Guarani vehicles and individual  weapons, the troop in action strided in a place full of obstacles with the objective of neutralizing the enemy power. The activity allowed  soldiers to train for the operations in areas of oppression where, for example, there is any sort of obstruction against the humanitarian aid for the  population.

The Commander of the 12nd Air Mobile Light Infantry Brigade, Brigadier General Rodrigo Ferraz Silva, considers that real operations in urban areas are one of the most difficult and sensible of the modern combat. “The troop that attacks find difficulty to accomplish this kind of operation in an urban area because there are civilians and innocent people, so it is very ardous for the soldiers, who are attacking, to know the adverse effect of this activity. The risk is really big.” He said.



The training took place with the attendance of the Exercise Direction, which there is a council used to monitor in real time the execution of the missions planned in the field.

“Through the screens, we can observe if the objectives that were previously planned are being accomplished. Other systems allow us to measure the development of the troop. Therefore, we have the chance to evaluate the training and prepare our Army with all capacity to fulfill the obstacles.”, said Major Rodrigo Magalhães, Chief of Operations of 12nd  Air Mobile Light Infantry Brigade.

To progress in the terrain, the troop used individual weapons, a robot equipped with a x-ray system and other devices that permit the operator to verify if the artifact is real. “Thus, it is possible to neutralize the threat by using the robot or by adopting secure procedures.”



For the Sergeant, Bruno Bradley Evaristo, the integration between the Brazilian and American troops in the track, enabled an exchange of knowledge and experiences. “ The main lesson extracted from the coexistence with the Americans is their dedication to the mission.” He concluded.

“ It has been an honor to train and to work with the Brazilian soldiers, they are very profissional.  The only difference between us is the language and the uniform”, said Sergeant  Hayes of 101st Airborne Division, of U.S Army.

Southern Vanguard 22 Receives Army’s Doctrine Head.

 In the morning of December 12th, the direction of Southern Vanguard 22 received the visit of the Army’s Head of Doctrine, General Sérgio Luiz Tratz. On that opportunity, the commander of Light Infantry Brigade, Major General Rodrigo Ferraz Silva, presented the facilities from the Exercise’s Direction (DIREx*), in which members from the Army Staff from Brazilian and the US Armies perform coordination activities concerning combat functions, command and control (C2) and logistics.

The main purpose of the visit was to verify the results about the exercise so far and check the application of doctrinal and strategic principles in the context of a combat simulation.

Southern Vanguard 22 is a part of the training calendar from the Terrestrial Operations Command (COTER*), which has as the main goal the interoperability of airmobile troops from both Brazilian and American Army South, that provides doctrinal interchange between the two military components.


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