Brazil, US discuss environment

Brazil’s Minister of Foreign Relations Ernesto Araújo and Minister of the Environment Ricardo Salles held an online conference Wednesday (Feb. 17) with the US presidential envoy for climate, John Kerry, to discuss climate change and efforts against deforestation.

Kerry was appointed in November as the main representative of the Joe Biden administration in matters of climate and the environment.

On social media, Minister Ricardo Salles reported that, in addition to climate change, the Amazon, and the United Nations Conference of the Parties on Climate, the meeting also revolved around an event being organized by th US government on the environment. The Earth Summit is slated to be held on April 22 in Washington.

“It’s an important topic because it’s the partnership we are going to forge with the new government in the US, to discuss a wide range of topics, among them the funds linked to carbon credit, so important in our efforts to take care of the Amazon,” he stated.

Also in posts on social media, Brazilian chancellor Ernesto Araújo wrote that “dialogue and cooperation on environment and climate will be yet another aggregating element in Brazil–US ties we are continuing to build.”


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