Exclusive – DefesaNet interview the Deputy Minister of Defense of Ukraine Hanna Maliar


Hanna Maliar – “Modern western civilization is not protected from medieval barbarism”

Exclusive – DefesaNet interview the Deputy Minister of Defense of Ukraine Hanna Maliar

Text in Portuguese Exclusivo – DefesaNet entrevista a Vice-Ministra da Defesa da Ucrânia Hanna Maliar


In between numerous meetings with foreign delegations visiting Ukraine and accompanying the front line, Deputy Defense Minister of Ukraine Hanna Maliar answered a series of questions from DefesaNet about the situation of the conflict in Ukraine.

We recommend reading the curriculum of Professor and Lawyer Hanna Maliar and preparing her to assume the Vice-Ministry of Defense at this crucial moment in Ukrainian history. It shows that Ukraine struggles both against Russian military forces, but also on the diplomatic scene with qualified people.

DefesaNet: The Russian invasion of Ukraine is the biggest and most dangerous violation of international law since the Second World War. How does Ukraine view countries that still do not understand the situation and the dangers this war poses to international security?

MD Maliar: For many countries it was very difficult to believe in a war on such a large scale, that in the 21st century missiles could be sent to the center of a European state. And that's why we understand those countries that just couldn't believe it at first. But two months of our struggle show that Russia will not stop at the territory of Ukraine, but will use this situation to go to Europe. And we think that now the countries that didn't believe that – fully understood the situation.

DefesaNet: The Armed Forces and Ukrainian society showed strong resistance to Russian attacks by imposing a series of defeats, often humiliating the Russians on the battlefield. What is the point of Ukraine's military success?

MD Maliar: If you compare the Russian and Ukrainian armies, there really are differences between them. The Russian army significantly outnumbers the military and the amount of armaments. At the same time, the Ukrainian army is much better prepared. Our military command uses modern intellectual combat planning strategies.

But I must say that Russia is a strong enemy. And this can be seen by the number of missiles fired at Ukraine – nearly 2,000 missiles. Of course, Russia has a huge stockpile of weapons, and this is its strong point. The key to the Ukrainian success is that we are waging a just war and we are defending our territory, unlike Russia which is waging a criminal war and attacking an independent country.

DefesaNet: International support for Ukraine through economic sanctions and the delivery of military equipment has been instrumental in sustaining this struggle. What does Ukraine still need in terms of military equipment at this point?

MD Maliar: Ukraine needs heavy weapons to wage war. Anti-tank weapons are visible and means of air defense. But the entire list we need is secret and we pass it on to other countries through our diplomatic channels. For Ukraine to win this war and for Russia not to advance in Europe anymore, it is even with arms.


DefesaNet – President Zelenski, ex-showman, has become a true leader, being one of the most respected world leaders today. Even without political experience, he leads the country in the war in the face of an existential threat. What is Zelenski's main success factor that has been essential for conducting this war?

MD Maliar: President Zelenski already has experience, he has been leading a country in a state of war for three years. He came to power when we already had a war, just on a different scale. The second thing is his strength of character, he really is a very strong and courageous man. And by his own example he showed the Ukrainians that we will never give up. That is, he is a true leader who leads the nation.

DefesaNet: Brazil and Ukraine have very deep ties. How could Brazil contribute to the resolution of the war in Ukraine?

MD Maliar: We really need political help from every country in the world and help with armaments. Countries like Russia must be isolated from international processes and be international. And all the countries in the world do not condemn Russia now, it will be a sign that this is possible, and there will be more cases like the war in Ukraine.

DefesaNet: Recently, the former president of Brazil, Luís Inácio Lula da Silva, blamed Zelenskyi for the war. While Bolsonaro, the current president of Brazil, is neutral, but still maintains some relations with Russian President Vladimir Putin. How does Ukraine see Brazilian policy in relation to the Russo-Ukrainian war?

MD Maliar: The Ministry of Defense cannot comment on this, only the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

DefesaNet: Ukraine is fighting for freedom and democracy. lessons can your country give to the rest of the world?

MD Maliar: Our war on the world is the weakness of international security systems. And it would be nice if, as a result of our war, the world would create a new model of collective defense that would actually end wars in the world. Ukraine is actually much smaller than Russia, and in this case it is very important that collective defense systems work here.

Our war shows the world that Modern Western Civilization is not protected from medieval barbarism. The values ??of human rights should be strong, the world understands at the same strong.


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Deputy Defense Minister Hanna Maliar tracking frontline actions against Russian forces.


 Hanna Maliar Resumé

– Hanna Maliar was born in 1978 in Kyiv.

Higher education. In 2000 she graduated from the International Institute of Linguistics and Law.

– From 2000 to 2010 she held the post from a lecturer to the Deputy Director of the Law Institute, Associate Professor at Kyiv International University.

– In 2007 she received a certificate of the right to practice advocacy.

– In 2010 she became a candidate of legal sciences. Research interests: crimes against the foundations of national security, crimes against peace, security of mankind and international law, strategic communications in a hybrid war.

– Since 2010 she has worked at the State Research Institute of Customs as Deputy Head of the Department of Legal Problems of Customs. She is an adviser of the customs service of the 3rd rank.

– From 2013 to 2020 she taught at the National School of Judges of Ukraine in the field of criminal law qualification of aggressive war and other crimes committed in the war zone. Hanna Maliar also developed the concept of legal assessment of events in the Crimea and eastern Ukraine, which is used in investigative and judicial practice.

– From 2018 she is a coach of security and defense divisions in strategic communications )specialization — “Information operations as an element of crimes that encroach on national security and peace. Identification and disposal of information technologies of influence that threaten national security”.

– She was trained in negotiations in armed conflicts and received a certificate from the Dutch Institute of International Relations “Clingendael”.

– Since 2020, she has been a freelance consultant to the Verkhovna Rada Committee on National Security, Defense and Intelligence.

– Hanna Maliar is an author of more than 40 scientific papers and also a co-author of law bills.

– She is married and have a son.

Deputy Minister Hanna Maliar hosting British and Scotish politicians.


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