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Negotiations between the Defence Minister of the Russian Federation General of the Army Sergei Shoigu and the Minister of the National Defence of the Republic of Argentina took place in Moscow on April 22.  

The negotiations were held in the atmosphere of trust and mutual understanding. The chiefs of the military departments of the countries discussed the present state of affairs and the prospects of military and technical cooperation as well as some current problems of regional and international security.

Opening the meeting, Sergei Shoigu emphasized that “a high level of cooperation between Russia and Argentina allows us to coordinate our actions at the international arena and gives opportunities for deeper cooperation in the military and military-technical spheres”.

He said, that relationship between Russia and Argentina is friendly and have a long history and that this year the 130th anniversary of establishment of diplomatic relations between the states will be celebrated.

 “Argentina is our important and reliable partner in Latin America. And the present level of cooperation between our states and the level of relations between the leaders of our countries shows that we have good prospects of future cooperation in the spheres of military and technical cooperation,” pointed out the Minister of Defence of Russia.

Sergei Shoigu emphasized that Russia is satisfied with the dynamics of the development of bilateral strategic cooperation.

 “We point out the considerable progress recently made in various areas of cooperation. The political dialogue is being developed actively and the coordination of actions in the international arena improves,” said the Russian Defense Minister.

Sergei Shoigu has expressed hope that “tomorrow Russia and Argentina will sign the agreement which will allow to take one more step in the development of our cooperation".

 “Today we are ready to discuss the matters concerning the interaction in the most different spheres such as military, technical and military education spheres,” emphasized the Minister of Defence of the Russian Federation.

In his turn, Agustin Oscar Rossi declared that “Argentina appreciates the relations with Russia very much”, and has also pointed out the intensity of cooperation, including the cooperation within BRICS format.

The head of the military department of Argentina, according to his own words, “is ready for a long and intense work” on a wide range of matters.

Except the prospects of military and military technical cooperation the chiefs of the military agencies of Russia and Argentina have also discussed current problems of global and regional security.

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