Gripen Embassy of Sweden in Brazil sends NOTE of CLARIFICATION

Gripen Embassy of Sweden in Brazil sends NOTE of CLARIFICATION

Note DefesaNet

Mensagem recebida da Embaixada da Suécia no Brasil, Brasília DF.
Clarification Note received from Sweden Embassy

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Gripen Embassy of Sweden in Brazil sends NOTE of CLARIFICATION


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The Editor

Embassy of Sweden in Brazil
Brasilia DF

Mr. Nelson Düring
DefesaNet Editor-in-Chief

Dear Mr. Nelson Düring, Editor-in-chief of DefesaNet.

I hereby clarify some points regarding the publication of the article “Gripen and Sweden – The impacts of geopolitics on the Gripen Program and the need to reevaluate,” published on June 4 th of the current year, on the Defesanet portal.

Brazil voted in favour of UN General Assembly resolutions to condemn Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, and and this stance has been reiterated by President Lula. The new geopolitical situation does not affect the relationship between Sweden and Brazil. Sweden sees Brazil as a strong partner in upholding a rules-based world order and commitment to multilateralism. Sweden and Brazil have a firm and long-term
commitment to the Gripen Project.

The Gripen Sweden-Brazil Program provides for transferring technology from one country to another. This process occurs in several phases under an established and maintained schedule. It didn’t take ten years to deliver six planes but to equip Brazil technologically for the Gripen Program. All Gripen deliveries in Brazil will continue to occur as planned. The transition of Gripen to Brazil has just started and is proceeding with significant milestones each year.

  • “The strategic partnership between the countries has reached a milestone; we are celebrating the factory’s launch for the production of the Gripen. We hope Brazil to continue to buy more Gripen fighters and expand its Air Force. We want more countries in South America to buy Gripen. Brazil is largely contributing to the development of the Gripen project; there is a profound exchange between engineers from both countries. None of this would be possible without this hub we have established in Brazil.”

    Carl-Oskar Bohlin, Minister for Civil Defense of Sweden, for Estadão, in May 2023

Sweden decided to buy 60 Gripen E and maintain a large number of C/D models. The first Gripen E will be delivered to the Swedish Air Force this year. Sweden has no intention of purchasing any other combat aircraft. Developing and producing fighter jets is a long-term project with a lot of financial and labor investment and nothing that changes quickly. Sweden’s commitment to Gripen E is, therefore, a long-term one.

The Swedish Air Force’s Gripen fighters have participated in NATO exercises and missions, along with other air forces, for over a decade. Gripen fully complies with international standards, and its technology allows interconnection between allied military forces. The Gripen aircraft is much respected, and the Swedish Air Force has no plans to change the fighter aircraft model in its fleet.

Sweden makes long-term commitments, with solid majority support in parliament, to enable planning horizons for the Armed Forces and defense industry.

These decisions are carefully considered and not subject to fluctuationSincerely,

Embassy of Sweden in Brazil
Patricia Cordeiro
Communication Officer


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