Rousseff – Speech to Brass Officers

While participating in the Armed Forces ceremony and social gathering that celebrates the new generals promoted in 2015, President Dilma Rousseff said that she counts on their commitment and collaboration in the construction of “fairer and more democratic” country.

“You are a model and a source of inspiration to women and men whom you will lead. Under your leadership, our Forces will remain decisive in the construction of a safer, stronger, fairer, and more democratic Brazil,” the president declared, addressing the newly promoted generals.

During her speech, Rousseff highlighted that the Armed Forces play an important role in “enforcing law and order […] in moments crucial for the assertion of the role of our country.” The president went on to mention the participation of the Armed Forces in activities like major international events hosted by Brazil, and acknowledged the help of the military in fighting the Aedes aegypti mosquito.

She stated that Brazil will still have to trust the Armed Forces “in the defense of the Brazilian people, our greatest heritage.” The president also talked about the new challenge of fighting microcephaly and emphasized the “great contribution that the Armed Forces have made in their veritable crusade against the dengue mosquito, the Aedes aegypti, and now also chikungunya and the Zika virus.”

Dilma Rousseff further said she counts on the Armed Forces to continue “redressing extreme inequalities which, over the last 13 years, have been the goal of our struggle.”

Stability in the country

General Eduardo Villas Bôas, host of the social lunch at the Army Club, said that the Armed Forces are “devoted, faithful, and committed, and not affected by the search for protagonism,” adding that they are at ??? to contribute to the country's stability.

Villas Bôas listed the activities in which the Armed Forces are involved, from securing national borders to the patrolling Rio de Janeiro favelas and their participation in emergencies, like the natural tragedy in Mariana. The chief of the Brazilian Army also called for investment. In his view, the wide range of the work carried out by the military demands “the development of skills, attributes, and tools.”

Rousseff pledged commitment to the acknowledgment of the military career and said that, despite the adjustments in the economy, top-priority projects in the Armed Forces will not be interrupted. “Even as we face a moment of fiscal readjustment, we must consider that revised deadlines and adaptations should not interrupt a process that's being carried out by the Forces. I acknowledge this effort and guarantee that key projects will not be hampered,” she said.


This was Rousseff's first public appearance next to vice-President Temer after he complained about his relationship with the president in a complaint-ridden personal letter. The two spent the ceremony next to each other and sat at the same table for lunch. After the toast, the president greeted each other with a kiss on the cheek.


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