Russian Helicopters has begun a project to produce the Ka-226T in India

Russia and India have launched a major project to establish production in India for at least 200 light multipurpose Russian Ka-226T helicopters.

The agreement between the two states to cooperate in the field of helicopter construction was signed during an official visit to Moscow by Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi in December of last year. According to the document, the production of at least 200 Ka-226T helicopters and its various modifications will be carried out in India. The agreement also provides for the maintenance, operation, and repair of helicopters, as well as technical support, according to RIA Novosti.

The two sides have begun to implement the agreements. All work is being carried out in strict accordance with the terms of the agreement. Technical consultations and negotiations between the Russian and Indian companies participating in the project have already taken place.

The harmonization of technical-organizational parts will take place in the near future, during which all of the key parameters will be identified. Experts from the holding company are evaluating the production capacities of the Indian partners. Under current arrangements, the localization of the components will be very significant, in accordance with the country’s Make in India initiative.

The light multipurpose Ka-226T helicopters developed by the Kamov Design Bureau, a subsidiary of Russian Helicopters, are manufactured at Kumertau Aviation Production Enterprise. The helicopters have coaxial rotors and noted for their excellent handling and installed power.

The Ka-226T is equipped with modern navigation equipment. The helicopter can maneuver just as easily in urban areas dense with high-rise buildings as well as mountains. The absence of a tail rotor and the helicopter’s compact dimensions allow its use on small airfields. The Ka-226T has a low noise level and meets the latest environmental requirements. The helicopter also has a removable transport module that can be used to quickly change its functionality.


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