Commtact Announces Successful Integration of its Wireless Communications Systems on Board a UAV of Central European Manufacturer

Commtact Ltd. – a leading provider of advanced wireless communications solutions for manned and unmanned platforms on the ground, in the air or at sea ? announces a successful integration and demonstration recently conducted with a Central European UAV manufacturer.

Commtact’s transceiver was easily integrated and quickly deployed. Using only OMNI antennas, Commtact’s system ? with its unique BLOS capabilities ? enabled the UAV to transmit telemetry and HD visual data at a remarkably long range, maintaining continuous communications at a distance of 16 km.

The Commtact system used in the integration was the Mini Micro Data Link System (M2DLS) ? an advanced single unit digital data link system specifically designed for micro and small size platforms that are sensitive to Size, Weight and Power (SWaP) demands.

This cutting-edge system uses open architecture and enables full duplex wideband, digital link, error correction techniques and high-rate communication in the Uplink (UPL) and Downlink (DNL) channel from most available sensors, providing an effective solution for today’s requirements. Commtact’s VP Marketing and Business Development, Asaf Choshniak, remarked, “We are very pleased that Commtact's systems have again proven their advanced communications capabilities.

We are especially proud of their BLOS capabilities. Using only two small OMNI antennas, our system enabled the UAV to sustain transmission of telemetry and visual data over a distance of 16 km, while maintaining very low SWaP. This successful cooperation with a Central European UAV manufacturer reflects our expanded and deepening operations in the European market.”


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