Finmeccanica at Le Bourget 2011: high technology and integrated solutions for a safer world

Finmeccanica – through its companies, AgustaWestland, Alenia Aermacchi, Alenia Aeronautica, DRS Defence Solutions, DRS Technologies, SELEX Elsag, SELEX Galileo, SELEX Service Management, Seicos, SELEX Sistemi Integrati, Telespazio (Finmeccanica 67% – Thales 33%) and Thales Alenia Space (Thales 67% –  Finmeccanica 33%) – is taking part in the 49th Paris International Air Show at Le Bourget (from 20 to 26 of June), the largest global showcase for aerospace technology and the defence and security industry, and the event that most represents current trends in the international market.

Finmeccanica is a large integrated group with several domestic markets, offering cutting-edge technological solutions logically organised in a system that can efficiently meet all the potential requirements of the global market in defence, security and environmental and civil protection. The Group’s technological excellence today places it firmly among the global leaders in aerospace and defence.

Finmeccanica will display an array of technologically advanced products at the Air Show in Le Bourget, ranging from small, sophisticated sensors, through to highly-developed platforms and huge systems networking the entire range of solutions. It will also give a practical and highly innovative demonstration of ways in which these elements can be integrated to build complete systems that can be used for today’s security requirements and those of the future.

The Finmeccanica stand In Finmeccanica’s display and demonstration section, which covers an area of around 1,230 square meters, the exhibition route passes through six inter-connected and interoperable areas in which the Group companies display their technological excellence and capabilities. In this area, products and systems are proposed in a traditional manner, and are organised not by company but by capacity, demonstrating the integrated and wideranging vision of the Finmeccanica Group.

The Finmeccanica stand at Le Bourget aims to give a concrete demonstration of the Group’s ability to design flexible solutions and system architectures and to provide ongoing support to its customers. Winning a new client or market does not end with the sale of a product or system: this is just the beginning. For this reason, it is necessary not only to provide high-tech solutions but, most importantly, to provide timely, customised and high-quality responses to clients’ needs. In an increasingly interconnected world, requirements for “whole life” systems and solutions are becoming ever more numerous. Satisfying this demand requires a long-term commitment, which Finmeccanica puts into practice by offering ongoing support in the service and upgrade of its products throughout their whole life.

The six areas displaying the products and integrated solutions created in response to the challenges of today's world are:

· Air Systems: on display Finmeccanica’s cutting-edge technologies in military aircraft, unmanned aircraft, regional aircraft, helicopters and mission, avionics and communication systems.
· Large Systems: on display systems for air defence, protection of large systems and IT threats, border control, programme to digitalise the Italian armed forces and a turnkey airport system. Also in this area, there is a section dedicated to innovations, “Innovation for Large Systems”, showcasing a non-lethal deterrent system and a radar system that “sees” through walls.
Security & Defence: on display a wide spectrum of integrated solutions that ensure the security of infrastructure, the protection of borders and territory, and the protection and security of the public at large events and armed forces support, even under extreme conditions.
· Cyber Security: Finmeccanica’s solution to the complicated threats of cyberspace. Real-time monitoring, analysis and correlation of logical and physical information and events to prevent or promptly thwart any IT attack.
· Training & Support: Group companies’ most innovative solutions based on virtual reality for training, mission simulation, assisted maintenance of large, complex systems and the reproduction of aircraft and helicopter cockpits.
· Space: the Group has a long tradition of excellence in the three large areas of navigation, Earth observation and communications.

The stand includes an Integrated Capabilities Area offering demonstrations of the Group’s systems
capabilities in three operating situations. These three current and plausible scenarios, represented by a video on a specific situation/action, provide visitors with a concrete example of the way in which
Finmeccanica’s technologies provide solutions to real present-day situations.

Joint & Combined Defence Operations: this illustrates the Group's ability, as part of multinational military operations, to ensure the safety of the local population and foreign residents in a country that has to deal with terrorist groups.

Homeland Protection: this illustrates the Group’s ability to protect the land and sea borders of an area affected by migration flows and drug trafficking. Securing Major Events: this illustrates the Finmeccanica Group’s ability to ensure the security of a large event, in this specific case the Olympic Games, which are subject to cyber and terrorist attacks.

Static area

Again this year, the static area will showcase the best of global technology, as applied by Finmeccanica in its aeronautical and helicopter platforms, radar systems and unmanned aircraft. Over a total area of around 3,650 square meters, institutional delegations and the general public will be able to see at close hand: the C-27J tactical transport aircraft; the ATR 42MP (maritime patrol version); the M-346 and M-311 trainer aircraft; the mock-up of the unmanned aircraft Sky-Y; the single-engine AW119Ke; the twin-engine AW139; the new multi-role utility AW149; the twin-engine AW159 Lynx Wildcat for land and maritime missions; the light twin-engine GrandNew; the new-generation helicopter AW189; the unmanned aircraft Falco Evo, Neptune and Sentry; the LYRA 10 radar installed on the Movit mobile unit of VTMS for sea traffic control and on board the Lince vehicle; the G33 antenna on display with the Italian flag colours on the occasion of the 150th anniversary of Italian unification.

Finmeccanica in France

Finmeccanica has been present in France through a series of longstanding and well-established partnerships in the high-tech industrial sectors. The Space Alliance, which gave rise to Telespazio and Thales Alenia Space, created a European leader in the satellites and space and satellite services sectors. Moreover, it has major, longstanding joint programmes in the aeronautics arena.

Finmeccanica collaborates with EADS in the ATR joint venture, world leader in regional turboprop transport aircraft and is sub-contractor with Airbus for the A300, A321, A340 and A319/320/321 programmes. It is a 4% risk sharing partner in the A380 programme and works with Dassault on the Falcon programme. In the naval segment, Finmeccanica supplies the missile system for the Italian-French FREMM multi-role frigates programme. Lastly, Finmeccanica participates with EADS and BAE Systems to the joint venture MBDA, global leader in missiles systems, while the group’s presence in the transport sector with Ansaldo STS France and AnsaldoBreda dates back many years. Finmeccanica has around 3,700 employees in France.


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