SitaWare Frontline 2.0 boosts opportunities for multi-tasking, as well as providing troops with better situational awareness

A better user experience, improved situational awareness and the ability to carry out multiple tasks at the same time. All this is the result of the newly released SitaWare Frontline 2.0 software, which – with its new graphical user interface – provides soldiers at all levels with an even better battle management system.

“We are proud to present the SitaWare Frontline version 2.0. With the new interface design, users get an updated system that makes it easy to operate the many different functions involved in a modern battle management system. The menu structure is designed along lines similar to well-known apps for Apple and Android tablets, ensuring that soldiers at all levels are able to easily navigate around the system. Which means that implementing the system only requires minimal training,” CEO at Systematic, the software company behind SitaWare, Michael Holm says.

Better communication at all levels

One result of the new structure of SitaWare Frontline 2.0 software is that the soldier can maintain an overview of the combat situation, while texting with other soldiers in the unit. During an engagement, the user can continuously write and reply to messages, as part of monitoring and discussing the current operation – without the user having to switch between multiple windows on the screen. This provides far better communication and situational awareness at all levels.

Frontline 2.0 also improves after-action reviews. During the transfer of the “honesty trace”, Frontline 2.0 allows you to have a dialogue box open and turn the “honesty traces” on and off as required. The image will then change depending on which traces are selected. This feature provides an important graphical overview and results in better analysis of combat situations.

Ready for the future

Frontline 2.0 also contains an aggregation feature. Where the system previously marked all soldiers with blue dots, the updated version with aggregated symbols enables the user to view units only. Each individual user decides for himself or herself whether squads, sections, platoons or larger units are to be marked on the map.

Users can choose to switch between echelon levels depending on how much they zoom in on the map. The new aggregation features also enable you to see the position of a unit’s subordinates, because Frontline 2.0 draws lines between a unit and its subordinates.

“These many new possibilities and the increased situational awareness available with SitaWare Frontline 2.0 lay the foundation stone for an even better and more effective battle management system that can be used by the commanders and specialists. With SitaWare Frontline 2.0, the army is ready for the future,” Michael Holm says.


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