Rheinmetall – Vingmate MR 500 newest fire control device

The Vingmate MR 500 is a new Rheinmetall fire control device which further expands the Group’s extensive portfolio of aiming solutions for today’s warriors. This innovative device gives the operator a significantly improved first-shot hit capability at all ranges, resulting in increased lethality and efficiency.

The MR 500 is designed to minimize engagement time and support all users thanks to its ambidextrous design. Furthermore, the MR 500 comes with an easy-to-use interface, allowing customization by the soldier as well as the ability to support future extended-range munitions and airburst/counter-defilade warheads.

Rheinmetall’s MR 500 is a manually adjusted clip-on aiming system specifically developed for low- and medium-velocity 40mm grenade launchers and shoulder launched rockets (e.g. M72/AT4). The device incorporates an infrared target marker and illuminator and weighs only 11 ounces (300 grams). It is suitable for both underslung and standalone grenade launchers. The system can also store 32 ballistic tables, two of which can be selected using a dedicated selector switch.

The MR 500 is suitable for left-handed and right-handed shooters, and is powered by a CR123 battery. If desired, the MR 500 can communicate with external devices such as Rheinmetall’s newly developed TAC-Ray clip-on (rifle-mounted) laser rangefinder. The TAC-Ray is an extremely compact device capable of measuring targets out to 2,000 meters and includes visible and IR laser pointers and illuminators.

Reasonably priced and ready to go into full-scale production, the MR 500 is available immediately to meet the US Army’s current and future sighting requirements for the M320.

Once again, the MR 500 underscores Rheinmetall’s status as a one-stop shop for 40mm weapons technology, joining other fire control units from the Vingmate family like the Vingmate 4500 for automatic grenade launchers under contract with US SOCOM, the Vingmate MR 800 for grenade launchers, and the Vingmate SL for shoulder-launched weapons.

In addition to fire controls, Rheinmetall offers a wide array of cartridges covering the full spectrum of 40mm low-, medium- and high-velocity ammunition types. The Group’s 40mm x 53 HV airburst ammunition (ABM) is now fully qualified for use by the German and Dutch armed forces. The German Bundeswehr has already introduced the new round, dubbing it the DM131.

With delayed-fuse airburst ammunition, rounds can be programmed to detonate at a specific point in time. In a Rheinmetall system, this is done with an infrared signal transmitted by the fire control unit as the projectile leaves the barrel of the weapon. This way, the round explodes at an exactly determined distance above the target, even if it is concealed behind cover. This new ammunition significantly enhances the combat effectiveness of the Bundeswehr’s 40mm automatic grenade launcher.

Given the right fire control technology, the DM131 has a maximum effective range of 2,200 meters. The new round is also qualified for the MK19 Mod3 automatic grenade launcher in use with the US Army as well as the MK47 in use with US SOCOM.

Visitors to AUSA can have a closer look at Rheinmetall’s innovative products at the Group’s booth 318.


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