BARAK ER Doubles Air-Defense Coverage

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BARAK ER duplica a Cobertura de Defesa Aérea

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Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) has more than doubled the coverage offered by the BARAK MX Air Defense System, by introducing the new BARAK ER (Extended Range) interceptor variant, fitted with a booster rocket that doubles the range of BARAK Long Range Air Defense (LRAD) missile from 70 to 150 km and expanding the system’s coverage to include ballistic targets.

“BARAK ER joins the modern, yet mature BARAK family, operationally proven system that maximizes the capabilities required to meet threats today, in particular, against ballistic targets.” Boaz Levy, IAI President, and CEO said, “The extensive firing trials to which the system was subjected under difficult land and sea conditions are the best proof of the system’s capabilities. The modular approach, and the smart launchers, fit customer demand for utmost flexibility on the battlefield and in procurement given budget constraints. As such, BARAK MX provides an optimal solution for the present and future battlefield.”

Extended Range Coverage

Through these tests the system was tested in a range of scenarios and against various threats, culminated with the intercept of a ballistic missile target by the BARAK ER interceptor. The system provides wide-area protection against a range of air, sea, and ground threats, including ballistic, ground-to-ground, and cruise missiles, UAVs, guided bombs, and helicopters. The systems have been integrated and are deployed worldwide and proven with dozens of ships and platforms operated various users including the Indian Navy, Air Force, Army, and the Israel Navy.

Developed by IAI, Barak ER is part of the BARAK MX air defense system that combines the capability to intercept airborne threats from close range up to 150 kilometers. Built with modular open architecture, the system is designed for land-based and naval applications. The interceptors are built with a modular design and employ advanced RF homing seekers and multi-pulse rocket propulsion to maintain range and maneuverability at medium, long and extended range. The BARAK ER interceptor tested in the recent trial was taken directly from the company’s BARAK MX production line, producing the missile for customer orders.

The BARAK MX revolutionizes air defense with unprecedented flexibility, both in real-time, full net-centric combat management as well as with its ‘smart launchers.’ These launchers can be loaded with any mix of interceptors with ranges of 35, 70, and 150 km. Each smart launcher acts as an independent fire unit, without having a dedicated command post on site. Such deployment enables users to distribute their assets to achieve optimal coverage over land or sea, with a robust and resilient air defense network.


Agility and Scalability

The battle management capability optimizes the interceptors allocated to match each threat in real-time. This capability enables operators to create agile responses techniques, using a mix of interceptors across different threats. By fielding the smart launchers and networked command and control, coupled with existing sensors, users can rapidly establish an initial advanced air defense capability, and gradually expand by adding more assets, such as IAI’s digital MultiMission Radar (MMR) radar, that significantly enhance performance and adding interceptors with different coverage to improve battle economy.


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