Systematic’s Maritime Operations C4I Solution to be Featured at on Irish Naval Warship

With over 90% of the world’s trade being transported by sea, maintaining the sea lines of communication has never been more important. SitaWare Maritime is a comprehensive command and control system offering a situational awareness and information sharing solution that is scalable from the smallest patrol vessel to a multinational HQ across with the capacity to support a global Recognized Maritime Picture (RMP) in near real time.

Providing interfaces to multiple military information standards out of the box, the SitaWare Maritime solution provides plug and play communication and coordination with other systems in the land, air and maritime domains, as well as information sharing with civilian, coalition and international allies.

The presentation of the maritime situation, though an uncluttered interface, gives the Maritime SitaWare user the advantage of being able assimilate information quickly, allowing rapid decision making and decisive action. With the same system available both afloat and ashore, Commanders can be confident that a common picture is available at all levels.

“The SitaWare Maritime solution is focused on enhancing the operational capability of naval forces and command teams. With over 90% of global trade being transported by sea, maintaining the sea lines of communication has never been more important. Just as SitaWare has been a game changer in the land domain, we are proud to offer a product that gives the same level of C2 and situational awareness to maritime forces,” says Systematic CEO, Michael Holm.

The Defence Forces of Ireland were the first to use SitaWare’s Maritime solution in conjunction with Systematic’s SitaWare suite for their land force and air wing, generating a joint common operational picture for land, sea and air with an environmental overly.

The Irish Naval Service’s LÉ Samuel Beckett, which uses the SitaWare Maritime solution, will be open to visitors in DSEI’s Naval Zone. This year’s Naval Zone promises to be the most comprehensive in DSEI history, providing visitors the unique opportunity to view waterborne demonstrations and interactive presentations on eight warships, including a demonstration of the SitaWare Maritime solution on the LÉ Samuel Beckett.

Commissioned in May 2014, the LÉ Samuel Beckett made news last November when it rescued over 500 refugees off the coast of Libya, and has been credited with rescuing a total of 2,818 since its deployment.

DSEI 2017 will take place on September 12 – September 15 at the ExCel in London, England. Systematic will take part in the waterborne demonstration which will include a boarding scenario that will be tracked with the SitaWare solution, displayed on a large screen outdoors with commentary twice daily.


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