Naval Group exhibits at DEFEXPO 2022

Naval Group’s booth (8R.10 at hall 8) will promote its commitment towards the “Make in India” policy and its successful efforts in building industrial partnerships with Indian industry and shipyards while showcasing its latest innovations.

A long-lasting industrial cooperation and strategic partnership with India

Naval Group’s commitment to the Indian Navy and industry includes engineering design, transfer of technology, training, combat system integration, maintenance requirements and assistance for construction and tests. Naval Group India, the Indian subsidiary of Naval Group created in 2008 is also in charge of identifying and qualifying local industrial partners for ongoing and future projects, in line with the Indian Government’s “Make in India” policy. Naval Group’s collaboration with India aims to foster the historical Indo-French collaboration and support India’s aim to gain regional superiority and advanced naval defence capacities in the Indian Ocean Region.

Alain Guillou, Senior Executive Vice President of Development said: “Naval Group India has paved the way for many successful milestones synced with the ‘Make in India’ policy of the Indian Government. We remain dedicated to create sustainable and sovereign industrial partnerships in naval defence in India and to remain a long-term partner of the country. Our goal is to continue working closely with the Indian Navy and Indian industry to prepare the future evolution of the platforms and propose the best in class future submarine with advanced propulsions, weapons (F21 torpedo) and latest technologies for the future use of the Indian Navy.”

Naval Group presents its leading technologies at DEFEXPO

Naval Group’s booth at Defexpo 2022 will reflect its comprehensive offer with a focus on submarines and weapons as well as innovative solutions including:

• F21 Heavy Weight Torpedo:

Benefiting of highly advanced mission system and very long endurance, F21 is the first heavyweight torpedo able to perform complex mission autonomously. It has far superior characteristics to any other heavyweight torpedo currently in service. The F21 torpedo is equipped with a very high level of computing power, which gives it exceptional real-time processing capabilities, an advanced mission system and increased autonomy. These technical characteristics considerably broaden the possibilities of tactical use with an unparalleled capacity for target discrimination, even in very difficult environments.

Naval Group as a manufacturer, integrator as well as developer of advanced combat management systems of these torpedoes, also undertakes the complex task of seamless integration of this torpedo on-board the Scorpene® submarines.

• SMX 31E:

The SMX31E, Naval Group’s newest submarine concept, integrates the latest digital technologies for reinforced operational efficiency and significant versatility of use. Stealthier owing to innovative scaling biomimetic covering, the platform also benefits from an unmatched electrical energy storage capacity and a new propulsion concept. Endurance is another asset of the SMX31E –it allows the crew to be submerged for months thanks to the high energy capacities and efficient energy management system.

Using advanced artificial intelligence technology, this submarine offers maximal connectivity to interact with the rest of the fleet in a distributed underwater network. This new digital design enables the crew to collect and process data efficiently with remote sensors allowing them to master underwater tactical situation. The SMX 31E can monitor areas 10 times larger than today with the same efficiency.

• Barracuda family submarines

Naval Group designs and builds the Barracuda-class, the new generation of French fast attack (SSN) submarine fitted with cutting-edge capabilities dedicated to deal with an ever-growing array of challenges. She fulfils the entire scope of missions such as anti-surface and anti-submarine warfare, deep strike, special operations and intelligence gathering.

The First of Class, the SSN Suffren, was delivered in November 2020. By 2030, six Barracudas will replace the six Rubis-class ships currently in service.
The Barracuda family includes a conventionally powered version offered by Naval Group on export markets.

• Mistral Landing Helicopter Dock Ship (LHD)

Versatile and high-performance, Mistral-class amphibious helicopter carriers have proven their effectiveness in a wide range of joint force projection and support operations. The primary mission for this ship is amphibious landing operations. They also provide command and force projection capability. Up to 16 medium (NH90, Tigre) or 35 light helicopters can be carried and stored in the 1,800m² hangar deck. The 5,000m² flight deck can accommodate up to six helicopter landing or movements simultaneously.

The design can be easily adapted for Indian shipyards to deliver a compliant LPD for the Indian Navy.

• Naval Xplore:

Naval Group created a giant interactive digital environment to present its customer-specific offers in immersive settings to the navies coming to DEFEXPO.

It will have, among other things, a dedicated presentation of French Barracuda submarine, Scorpene® submarine, Landing Platform Dock (LPD) and other naval technologies designed for modern navies.


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