URDAN to Supply Israel Defense Forces (IDF) with Dozens of Backtrail Logistic Trailer Systems

Urdan Metal & Casting Industries Ltd. – a leading supplier of steel castings for military and commercial applications – will supply the IDF with dozens of Backtrail logistic trailer systems. At Defexpo, the company will spotlight add-on systems that enhance the usability of Main Battle Tanks (MBT), Self-Propelled & Towed Guns, and Engineering Vehicles. Besides Backtrail, add-ons include a bulldozer attachment kit and a mine-clearing roller system. Delivery of the Backtrail systems – following six (6) years of evolving development – has already begun and will continue over the next few years.

The Backtrail Transport Trailer, utilizing the latest materials, was developed in response to the critical logistic requirements of the modern battlefield. It enables the continuous provision of supplies – including fuel, water, weapons, etc. – to forces fighting in remote and inaccessible locations. Transporting flammables and explosives in a separate trailer also increases safety, preventing explosions that can occur when carried inside the crew cabin. Despite being attached to the MBT / Gun, Backtrail does not hinder the tank’s movement or cause loss of speed, agility or efficiency. The trailer can carry cargo weighing up to 8 tons, and has a loading area of 4m x 2m.

The Backtrail system has undergone a series of lengthy trials and tests by the IDF in a wide range of terrains, under the most difficult topographic conditions. These tests have proven that the trailer does not hamper the tank's maneuverability in the slightest. The trailer can carry everything required by soldiers, enabling them to operate independently in the field for long periods of time. Backtrail can also carry various types of containers for any purpose, and can even be used as a field emergency room.

The company will also present these add-on solutions for tanks:

The Bulldozer Attachment Kit, easily adapted to all Main Battle Tanks, turns the MBT into a very powerful bulldozer with a 60-ton force – ideal for rocky terrain. Compact, easily attached, and completely sealed, the kit includes a separate, field-replaceable electro-hydraulic power unit, and can be operated under water. When folded in travel mode, there is no interference with field of vision. These systems are being used by several NATO armies.

The Mine Clearing Roller System, attached to the front of the tank, neutralizes anti-tank land mines on the surface or buried in the track path, and also clears tilt-rod mines from between the roller banks. Easily connected by standard lifting equipment, two soldiers can couple the system to the tank in a few minutes. Since explosions take place at a distance from the tank, and due to almost 100% effectiveness, the system contributes significantly to the survivability of soldiers in the tank.

The basic idea of the add-ons is to eliminate the need for additional vehicles – in most cases without armor – being sent to the battlefield. When the tank's crew decides they no longer need the add-on, they can disconnect it from the tank with just a push of a button. Connection to the tank is also extremely fast and easy.

Urdan is a leading supplier of steel castings for military and commercial applications. The company supplies its worldwide customer base with high quality, diversified, and flexible technological solutions – based on advanced technology, a uniquely skilled engineering team, computerized design methodology, and modern machining facilities. Utilizing carbon steel, high and low alloys, manganese, abrasion resistant stainless steel, and iron castings from 3 kilograms to 10 tons, Urdan delivers castings, complete products, assemblies and systems for customized applications including energy generation, marine applications, quarrying, water systems, chemical and food processing, and motor vehicles.

The company also provides engineering design and project management services, and supports Israel’s Merkava Tank and Namer Heavy APC programs. Customers include Israel Defense Forces, the US Government, Canadian MOD, Finish MOD, Israel Military Industry, Terex, Siemens, and Odense Steel Shipyard.


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