The hybrid drive pioneer puts on a show for the MEDEF

The ELECTER parallel hybrid drive demonstrator from RENAULT TRUCKS Defense (RTD), the subject of an "Upstream Study Programme" (PEA) assigned by the DGA in 2012, has undergone testing in the last three years covering more than 5000 km, half of which in all-terrain conditions.

It is on show at the Summer School of the MEDEF, the French employers' federation. Offering a foretaste of how the military hardware of the future is to be equipped, this PEA, presented before the tests in 2014, demonstrated the reliability, robustness and performance of this concept over two years of particularly demanding tests, under conditions close to the operational realities.

This PEA, assigned to RENAULT TRUCKS Defense on 21 December 2012, is now at an end, with 7 different operating modes validated and able to be installed on the company's products, with a view to fulfilling the requirements of modern military operations.

RTD can therefore propose Hybrid mode, for reduced fuel consumption; Furtive mode, for silent travel; Booster mode, for quick acceleration of manoeuvres; Quick recharge mode for the drive battery; APU with battery, enabling silent standby without onboard generators; APU with combustion engine, offering high-level electrical power; and Diesel, for travel in partial mission capable mode.


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