Swedish Air Force considers KC-390 its main option if development program goes on according to schedule

Nelson During

DefesaNet’s chief-editor

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The traditional Swedish Air Force Annual Update Briefingevent, held by the Swedish Air Force for press professionals from all over the world, happened last Sunday (14) in Paris. The gathering traditionally takes place on the day before the opening of the Le Bourget or Farnborough shows.

This year’s event was hosted by Major-General Micael Bydén, current Air Force commander, and had increased attention from the press due to rising tensions in the Baltics region, as well as northern Europe.

O Brasil foi citado em três momentos:

Brazil was mentioned during the gathering in three different occasions:

1 – Major-General Bydén named top three priority acquisitions for the Swedish Air Force, according to the terms of the Defense Program still to be approved by the Swedish Parliament for the 2016-2020 term. They are:


a – A new trainer aircraft to replace the SK 105

b – A new anti-ship missile to replace the current RBS15

c – A new military transport aircraft to replace the C-130.

Responding to DefesaNet’s chief-editor’s question, Major-General Bydén was very clear in his statement: “if the KC-390 keeps its developing program according to schedule, it is our go-to option”.

Clearly, what MG Bydén means is that the aircrafts must be operational by the 2016-2020 timeframe. The commander was present at KC-390’s rollout at EMBRAER’s Gavião Peixoto facilities.

2 – Also in response to our editor’s questions about possible temporary solutions for issues faced by the Brazilian Air Force such as the decommissioning of the Dassault Mirage 2000C/B and the quick obsolescence of the F-5EM/FM fighters due to heavy use.

The increase in missions demand led the Swedish Air Force to go from 4 to 6 fighter jets squads, thus turning the one and a half training squad based at F17 into 2 operational units.

The demand by more than 50% in prompt response actions and the increasing number of Russian maneuvers without notice in the Baltic area, immediate response actions and the ever-growing number of uninformed Russian sophisticated maneuvers in the Baltics area have placed a heavy load upon the Swedish Air Force. Taking these circumstances into account, Major-General Bydén gave a clear message:


“Back when we negotiated with Switzerland, we offerd 11 operational aircrafts (8 Gripen C and 3 Gripen D units). However, today we would not be so generous”.


FXM (Swedish Defense and Security Export Agency)s spokesman informed about negotiations with the Brazilian government. The report included the SAAB’s president, Hakan Bushke. 

Once again arises the pressing matter of modernizing the F-5EM/FM and A-1M. Both programs are currently suspended due to budget issues.

3 – The third time Brazil was mentioned during the Annual Update Briefing was because of the absence of Lieutenant-Brigadier Nivaldo Rossato, commander of the Brazilian Air Force. Rossato was invited to be a host along Major-General Bydén, but claimed reason’s beyond his control kept him from attending the event.


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