Russian Helicopters will sign a helicopter maintenance contract with India

Attending the Indo-Russian conference on the after-sales service of domestic equipment Russian Helicopters' team proposed improvements to the after-sales service for the company-supplied equipment in India.

Among other things, an offer was put forward to sign long-term contracts between the Air Force, Navy and the Indian Interior Ministry and Russian Helicopters holding company for a period of 3 to 5 years. This will have a positive effect on the collaborative efforts for providing after-sales service of helicopters and will also streamline the interface between the parties in the delivery of contracts.

Another essential proposal to improve the current after-sales service of Russian helicopters in India relates to the supply of advanced ground support systems and check-out equipment. This will make all operations more consistent and automate many maintenance and repair operations for helicopters.

Russian Helicopters are planning to set up new maintenance and repair centers for aircraft in India and also to upgrade the existing ones. Special consideration will be given to upgrading previously supplied helicopters: upgrade work on rotor transmission, fuel system, radio navigation and communications equipment; installation of a new-type engine and APU (auxiliary power unit); improved protection against terrorist threats.


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