Russian Helicopters shows new products in Peru

Russian Helicopters is taking part in the Vth International Exhibition of defence technology, weapons and natural disaster protection systems SITDEF 2015 between the 14th and 17th May, in Lima, Peru.

The holding company will show South American operators the multifunctional Ka-32A11BC helicopter and one of the most keenly awaited new products – the multifunctional Mi-171A2 helicopter. Jointly with Rosobornexport, the holding company will demonstrate versions of the Ka-52 Alligator observation and attack helicopter and the largest helicopter in the world, the Mi-26.

South America is one of the most promising markets for Russian manufactured helicopters. More than 400 aircraft are in operation here. In 2013 contracts were completed for the supply of more than 40 helicopters in this region. These contracts ensure supplies until 2016”, remarked Alexander Miheev, General Director of Russian Helicopters.

The director of the holding company added that the company mainly supplied medium and heavy weight helicopters to South American countries. These aircraft are the most successful from an economic point of view.

Ka-32A11BC helicopters are well known in South America. They are used successfully in fire fighting, construction work and the transportation of cargo on external slings in Peru, Columbia, Brazil and Chile. The Ka-3211BC possesses the best load-bearing capacity in its class and excellent manoeuvrability. At the exhibition, experts from the holding company gave a presentation about this helicopter and its capabilities in performing rescue work and the transportation of special cargoes.

Visitors to the exhibition were also given detailed information about the new multi-functional Mi-171A2, which combined the unique experience of the Mi-8/17 range of helicopters in all regions of the world and modern engineering design concepts. The latest technologies and materials have been used in its development. Russian Helicopters commenced flight tests of the new aircraft in November, 2014.

Jointly with Rosoboronexport holding, they will present the Ka-52 Alligator observation and attack helicopter. This helicopter is designed to destroy tanks, armoured and non-armoured military equipment, slow-moving air targets and live forces, and observation missions and other tasks. The Ka-52 Alligator satisfied the demands and specific features of South America. It is perfectly suitable for use in forests, where it can be extremely useful in operations against irregular militia groups

The Rosoboronexport stand is also presenting the Mi-26 military model and the modernised version – Mi-26T, the largest production helicopter in the world. It is used to perform complex transport and large scale rescue operations.

They also plan to hold negotiations with representatives of the defence ministries of the countries in the region to market the Mi-35m and the Mi-171SH military helicopters. Today, a contract already is in place to supply the Ministry of Defence of Peru with a new batch of Mi-171SH military transport helicopters. According to the conditions of the contract, signed in December, 2013, more than 24 helicopters will be delivered to Peru by the end of 2015. This is the biggest contract in the recent history of military and technical cooperation between Russia and Peru and one of the most important for military and transport helicopters in the world market.

During the exhibition specialists of the holding company will have meetings with foreign partners to discuss matters of integrated servicing of Russian equipment.

The first SITDEF international exhibition of defence technology took place in 2007 in the capital of Peru, Lima, within the territory of the General Staff of the Land-based forces. It was supported by the President, Government and Ministry of Defence of Peru. The exhibition attracts more than 40 000 visitors every year from all over the continent. Delegates from more than 30 countries take part.


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