Fortress: A top-class APC for High Mobility and Maximal Protection

Historical leader of armed forces mobility, Arquus presents at IDEX one of the jewels of its Medium armored vehicles: the Fortress. The Fortress is a proven vehicle of choice which is constantly being perfected to suit the most demanding units’ needs.

The Fortress is already serving in various Special Forces units all around the world. The Fortress is a vehicle which benefits from all the experience and know-how of the ARQUUS teams. Designed and qualified specifically in compliance with the NATO standards, the FORTRESS can handle the most extreme missions thanks to its resistant driveline and advanced armored hull, which offer the best levels of autonomy and protection.

Acme of the ARQUUS range of protected personnel carriers, the Fortress is a vehicle of choice which boasts all-terrain mobility and versatility, effectively offering the best conditions for the units it serves. Thanks to a rigorous work on ergonomics, the FORTRESS offers a large internal space, hosting a crew of 10 in excellent conditions.

It offers great comfort even on the most demanding terrains, thus keeping the forces at their optimal shape, both physically and mentally. To answer the needs for even more protected and versatile vehicles, ARQUUS’ engineers are constantly working on the Fortress. It can be equipped with numerous solutions, for more versatility in all missions.

To optimize its abilities, the Fortress can also be packaged with RCWS or vetronics solutions like ARQUUS’ Battlenet. At IDEX, the FORTRESS will be presented with ARQUUS’ own Hornet T1 RCWS. The Fortress is a 14.5 ton armored personnel carrier. With its high mobility driveline, 340 HP engine, automatic drive and independent wheel suspensions, the Fortress is the perfect balance of weight/power ratio, important payload and exceptional all-terrain capabilities.

Its armored monocoque hull offers a large internal volume, as well as great protection against ballistic aggressions, mines and Improvised Explosive Devices (IED), in compliance with STANAG 4569 standard. The Fortress is available in personnel carrier and logistics versions, offering high protection and high mobility.

The APC version can also be converted to ambulance and command post versions. Thanks to family commonality, Fortress fleets can be easily supported, guaranteeing efficient maintenance and high vehicle availability. The Fortress also benefits from the Volvo and Renault Trucks global network, which provides a worldwide access to ARQUUS parts and organs.


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