Akaer and Saab’s partnership to be made official at LAAD 2015

Akaer and SAAB’s partnership became official on April 14 during LAAD Defence & Security 2015, Latin America’s largest event dedicated to defense. The contract ensures the Sweden company a 15% share in the Brazilian company. During the event, the CEO of Akear, Mr. César Augusto T.A. Silva, and the Vice-President for International Partnerships of SAAB, Mr. Jan Germundsson, will celebrate the association between the two companies.

The two companies have been working together for almost six years, and since 2012 SAAB has brought the partnership to another level by providing resources to Akaer in the form of convertible loan. Such loan has now become officially a 15% profit share.

With the selection of SAAB for providing 36 Gripen NG supersonic fighters to Brazil, Akaer is responsible for supporting the Sweden company in the process of technology transfer, which is part of the contract with the Brazilian Air Force (FAB).
Akaer is one of the few Brazilian organizations taking part of most Embraer’s airplane projects, as well as projects by international manufacturers such as Boeing, Airbus, Airbus Helicopters, and SAAB. By becoming a corporation, the change in capital structure gives the company access to new technologies and foreign markets.

"This partnership will help Akaer move on with the plan of becoming an integrator of first-level structures and systems (1st Tier), fully able to supply to the aerospacial and defense industry anywhere in the world,” explains César Augusto, the company’s CEO.

Akaer works as an integrator of projects, concentrating different technologies and processes for the development, qualification, certification and production of aerostructures and systems for the aeronautics sector. Now that it has gained access to new technologies, the company also supplies to other defense sectors (sea, air and space). The company’s internationalization is another strategic goal that, with a global partner, becomes more tangible.

Besides several business opportunities flourishing with SAAB’s participation in its capital, Akaer also expects to achieve a new technological level in its performance. Currently the company already takes part in projects for developing new technologies in partnership with universities, research institutes and companies in Brazil and Sweden.


Akaer, a Brazilian provider of integrated technological solutions for AS&D, is certified as a Strategic Defense Company (EED) for the Ministry of Defense. The company, located in São José dos Campos (in the state of São Paulo), currently employs 300 highly skilled collaborators, with an infrastructure able to work simultaneously in important development programs such as the Gripen NG, KC-390, and Embraer’s new generation of commercial jets, besides programs for other clients in the defense sector.


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