SELEX Communications to Upgrade Brazilian Army SISTAC system

SELEX Communications, a Finmeccanica company, and the Brazilian Army signed a contract for first phase of the upgrade of SISTAC, the tactical communication system in operation since 1998, supplied at that time by Marconi Communications (today SELEX Communications). The upgrade will be completed by this year.

SISTAC has been used in the 1st Communications Battalion of Santo Angelo within the state of Rio Grande do Sul, supporting the 3rd Division, and it's the first system of this kind that has been acquired by Brazil. It's a digital integrated multi-service communications network based on a shelter able to supply voice and data services, both encrypted and non-encrypted, and to interface with public telephone network and single-channel radio systems.

“After more than 10 years of activity, this system demonstrated its high level of efficacy and reliability”,said Brigade General Antonino dos Santos Guerra Neto, Commander of Communications and Electronic Warfare of the Army of Brazil. “The need of upgrading some SISTAC components is due to the necessity of increasing service band and operational capacities, in order to cope with the complexity of modern operational scenarios in which Brazilian Armed Forces are involved”.

SELEX Communications has been operating within the Brazilian market since the end of the ‘90s, through its branch SELEX Communications do Brasil. It provides the Army with tactical area communications systems and equipments and provides Army and Navy Special Forces with solutions for short-range communications based on its Personal Role Radio. Moreover, the subsidiary Sirio Panel cooperates with Embraer within the main avionic programs for military and civil aircraft supplying cockpit control panels and lighting systems.

With a wide range of professional communications solutions (TETRA, DMR, GSMR, Wimax etc. ), the Finmeccanica company is also active in Brazil in several professional civil areas, such as Law Enforcement (Police Forces, Military Police, etc), transportations (metro, bus, trains) and private company (petrol, electricity, utilities).


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