LAAD – Yitzhak Nissan, IAI’s President and CEO ; “Brazil a strategic market for IAI.”

Yitzhak Nissan, IAI's President and CEO on the eve of LAAD 2011 opening:
“IAI is displaying a broad range of systems and technologies. We plan to expand our activities in Brazil through cooperation with local companies. We consider Brazil a strategic market for IAI.”

Ben Gurion Airport, April 2011– Israel Aerospace Industries is participating this week in LAAD 2011, the largest aerospace, defense and homeland security event in Latin America, taking place in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 12-15 April. (Hall#3 stand H#30).
Visitors at the IAI exhibition will be introduced to the broad range of technologies, products and services provided by IAI, including the Heron unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), Airborne Early Warning and Control (AEW&C) suites applicable for various aircraft, electro-optical sensors, radars designed for operation in extreme conditions and precision guided weapon systems.
Emphasizing comprehensive technological solutions for homeland security and civil defense, IAI will unveil unique observation systems, such as the Hovering Aerial Vehicle (HAV) providing persistence surveillance in urban areas; IAI is also displaying a border security and control system, designed for the protection of land and maritime areas. Also on display is a new information system, supporting the management of first responders in emergency situations such as fires, earthquakes or floods.
“IAI is offering Brazil and its customers in Latin America a wide range of products, backed by extensive technological knowhow and unique operational experience,  all integrated and supporting the concept of: ‘know – decide – act’” said Yitzhak Nissan, the President and CEO of IAI.
“We are already operating in Brazil, getting to know Brazil's unique needs and operational requirements, and we are ready to provide the solutions Brazil needs. We plan to expand our activities in Brazil through cooperation with local companies. ” Nissan said.
 At the LAAD exhibition IAI will unveil the new Stark IRV, a reconnaissance vehicle developed by IAI's subsidiary Elta Systems. The Stark IRV is based on a Brazilian platform produced by TAC Motors, designed for intelligence collection and observation. This tactical vehicle was designed for high mobility over rough terrain. Its mission payload, provided by Elta, includes a target acquisition system which operates in day, night and adverse weather conditions. The vehicle is equipped with a common control console, supporting all sensors, combined with an integrated command and control system, creating a dynamic situational picture that can be shared with operational forces or higher command levels via on-board communications, supporting decision making.
The Stark IRV enables the crew to maintain continuous tracking of multiple targets, providing rapid, flexible and effective capabilities for changing intelligence requirements. The vehicle is designed to support law enforcement, para-military and border security forces engaged with security, combating drug trafficking and smuggling, monitoring mining areas etc.
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