LAAD – Elisra to Present Portable Ground Surveillance Radar System – Foxtrack™

Holon, Israel, April 6, 2011 . . . Elisra, an EW, Intelligence and Communications Systems global leader, will present its new Portable Ground Surveillance Radar System – Foxtrack™ at LAAD, 2011.  The lightweight, compact, man-portable radar is carried by two operators – soldiers, special operations forces or security personnel. It functions in a tripod-mounted configuration or installed on board a vehicle.
Foxtrack™ was designed to provide surveillance at medium to long ranges (8 km for soldier and 15Km for small car). Intended to identify both people and vehicles, the system differentiates individuals and / or vehicles from their surroundings, while identifying vehicle types by their characteristics (tanks, trucks, small vehicles etc.). The new rugged Foxtrack™ is deployed for the protection of sensitive installations, airports, or along borders, and is designed to cope with challenging terrains, including coastal environments.
Capable of operating independently, in 2-3 system configurations, or as a comprehensive system of interconnected, interoperable, multi-sensor units, the new system operates in concert with a variety of intelligence and command and control systems. This new radar boasts unique technology, enabling Low Probability of Intercept (LPI) and the ability to cope with hostile jamming attempts. 

User friendly and easy to operate, Foxtrack™ requires no special prior training. The same ease of operation can be seen in the system’s information display with universally recognized symbols.  With the system’s easy installation, it is connected and operable within minutes.  The radar's flexible software enables easy integration with other systems, further increasing flexibility.
Elisra’s CEO, Itzchak Gat commented: “Foxtrack™ answers a market need for a system capable of detecting unusual activities at longer distances.”  He goes on to say, “The new system address a myriad of uses, both military and homeland security.  We believe that its combined ease of installation and operation, low weight, and operational capabilities make it the preferred solution in its class.”

About Elisra:

Elisra, a world leader in the field of Information Warfare (EW, Intelligence and C3) for over four decades, has been the source for these systems which have been deployed on a vast variety of platform types, in modern defense forces of more than 40 countries worldwide.

The company develops designs, manufactures, integrates and supports advanced EW, Intelligence (RF and IR based) and Communication solutions for air, sea and land applications.

Elisra, a wholly owned subsidiary of Elbit Systems Ltd. (NASDAQ and TASE: ESLT) comprises Elisra Electronic Systems, Tadiran Electronic Systems and Tadiran Spectralink.

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